Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Turnpike Rivalry is Back.

Every Tuesday during the NFL season, I go to ESPN and check out the power rankings. Every Tuesday, I'm hoping for the same thing.

Today, my wish came true.

Just a little good natured ribbing. See you in the post season!

Monday, December 10, 2007


People tell you that when you become a Dad, everything will change. They say that nothing can prepare you for how different everything will be. They say that it's the best feeling in the world.

When we were pregnant, I had fears from time to time about how I would feel when Norah was born. I was afraid that I wouldn't be as excited about a new daughter as everyone said I would be. I was afraid that I wouldn't immediately fall in love with her, like everyone said I would. And it makes sense to think that won't happen. Everyone I have ever loved, I had to get to know. I have never loved someone right away without knowing anything about them, so I thought I might need to get to know Norah a bit before I loved her as much as everyone told me I would.

I was wrong. There was no need to worry about anything. I clearly remember the sound of Norah's first breath after the brought her into the world. She was gurgling through some of the amniotic fluid in her lungs and nose, but that sound was pure magic to me. Everything in the operating room stopped, the nurses weren't talking any more, the machines weren't beeping, it was just me, Rach, and a blue sheet with my gurgling baby girl behind it. I looked at Rach, exhausted, and I was so excited I couldn't contain it. They brought her over to me, and even though she looked slimy, bloody and dirty, I loved her. I don't know why. It really is something no one can describe and I'm not going to try. But honestly, I saw her, and my heart caught on fire inside my chest and all I wanted to do was hold her and hug her and tell her I love her.

Fortunately, I have the rest of her life to hold her and hug her and tell her I love her. And that's exactly what I plan on doing. She is beautiful, sweet, and not bloody any more. Anyway, you're all here for pictures, so I'll give you what you've come for.

Here are my favorites so far. The rest you can find on Norah's album on our Flickr account. I'll keep a link on the sidebar for those of you who would like to keep looking up on it.

This was the first time I really got to hold Norah. She was in the blue lights to treat Jaundice for the first two days, and I didn't get to hold her because she could only be out of the lights for feedings. It was kind of stressful, but Jaundice is pretty common and we weren't worried. And I did get to hold her so... it was okay.

This was Wheeling the day Norah was born.

Here's a shot of Norah's eyes. You tell me what color they are.

I had just farted when this picture was taken.
And it smelt of snozzberries and rancid potato water.

Norah trying to eat mommy's nose.

Uncle Jeremy is not allowed to babysit without adult supervision.

Uncle Tim making faces at Norah.

Aunt Marisa telling Norah how to administer Ketamine to Mommy if she get's ornery again.

Cora had some friends over on the couch.

Our first family photo. Can you say "Awwwwww." Good job.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Norah Mae Elek is Born!!!

No time to play on the internet. Check out the photos.