Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Best Medicine.

So I'm really, really sick today. Last night, I couldn't sleep because I was so congested that I kept waking myself up choking on my own sputum. (Sorry Katie Couric) The post-nasal drip has given me a really sore throat and my tonsils are so swollen I can see them sticking out of the back of my throat like spongy meaty little fingers. I tried everything I know to get the congestion down, but nothing helped. I irrigated my nose by forcing saline solution into my nostrils until it filled my nose and ran out my mouth, that helped for a few minutes. I drank a shot of whiskey. I drank a shot of Sambuca with coffee beans in it. Then I drank a mug of herbal tea with honey. I draped a towel over my head and held my head over a pot of boiling water to let the steam break up the congestion. I gave myself 5 sprays of steriod nasal spray. I used the new suction ball thingy we got for Norah and tried to suck out the mucus. I took two Benedryl and later I took a Sudafed. Nothing helped. I was up unitl 4:00 in the morning tossing and turning and getting angrier and angrier at my nose.

Then, I woke up and went about my day. All day long I've been sneezing and yadda yadda yadda, but then, in just under three hours, everything changed. I woke up feeling like crap, and spent the morning just wanting to lay in bed. So I pulled out the sleeping bag, and layed down on the couch all morning, and now I feel a hundred times better.

My nose is still clogged, and I can't breathe for crap, and I still have post-nasal drip to make Niagra Falls jealous... but my spirits are high.

That's right... THE BROWNS WON! We racked up a whopping 51 points against the Cincinatti Bengals today and went away with a W. I couldn't be happier right now.

Thanks Braylon. I needed that.

If you want to see the highlight reel... go here.