Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Best Medicine.

So I'm really, really sick today. Last night, I couldn't sleep because I was so congested that I kept waking myself up choking on my own sputum. (Sorry Katie Couric) The post-nasal drip has given me a really sore throat and my tonsils are so swollen I can see them sticking out of the back of my throat like spongy meaty little fingers. I tried everything I know to get the congestion down, but nothing helped. I irrigated my nose by forcing saline solution into my nostrils until it filled my nose and ran out my mouth, that helped for a few minutes. I drank a shot of whiskey. I drank a shot of Sambuca with coffee beans in it. Then I drank a mug of herbal tea with honey. I draped a towel over my head and held my head over a pot of boiling water to let the steam break up the congestion. I gave myself 5 sprays of steriod nasal spray. I used the new suction ball thingy we got for Norah and tried to suck out the mucus. I took two Benedryl and later I took a Sudafed. Nothing helped. I was up unitl 4:00 in the morning tossing and turning and getting angrier and angrier at my nose.

Then, I woke up and went about my day. All day long I've been sneezing and yadda yadda yadda, but then, in just under three hours, everything changed. I woke up feeling like crap, and spent the morning just wanting to lay in bed. So I pulled out the sleeping bag, and layed down on the couch all morning, and now I feel a hundred times better.

My nose is still clogged, and I can't breathe for crap, and I still have post-nasal drip to make Niagra Falls jealous... but my spirits are high.

That's right... THE BROWNS WON! We racked up a whopping 51 points against the Cincinatti Bengals today and went away with a W. I couldn't be happier right now.

Thanks Braylon. I needed that.

If you want to see the highlight reel... go here.


Rachel Elek said...

FYI: The blue medicine sucking device was not for Norah, I had it to irrigate some holes in the roof of my mouth for some dental work I had done a few years ago.

Norah's American Red Cross approved sucking device is still safe and sound in it's medical kit awaiting her arrival! :)

Ryan said...

Sorry to hear about your sickness Joshua; but the Browns were so awesome, that should make you feel better! What a game uh!

Ryan said...

Sorry to hear about your sickness Joshua; but the Browns were so awesome, that should make you feel better! What a game uh!

Ryan said...

Sorry I published this twice, I guess I'm really excited about the Browns

Joshua said...

No prob Ryan... GO BROWNS!

Sara B said...

Haha. I love Raych's comment. Of course Norah would have an American Red Cross approved sucking device.

I miss you guys tons. Likewise, I'm sad that you are sick Joshua. And I'm even more sad that irrigating your sinuses didn't help. That was a fun time; when you made me shoot liquid stuff up my nose. My eyes are watering just thinking about it.

The new apartment looks wonderful! I'm going to try to call soon. Because I miss you both very very much. :)

Tim 2 said...

But is Norah going to root for the Browns or the Squeelers?

This is quite the conundrum!

zilchonline said...

hey josh...this is dan gartley. How the heck have you been? I have to tell you the story of how I found your blog.
I was searching for a documentary about this guy who is building a castle outside of Nashville, TN. Basically, God told him to build it for Jesus and the Devil so they can battle in the final days of Armageddon. The documentary is called "Castleman."
So I typed in something like "Castleman Jesus and Devil Battle," and the first thing that comes up in the little google description is part of a sermon including those words and your name. I click on the link to see if it's actually you and it takes me to a long sermon from somebody at vangaurd church. Eventually, I found your name...really far down as a link to your blog.

So long story short, I was searching for a crazy guy who is building a castle for jesus and the devil to battle and I found you.

I guess that makes you Castleman.

Joshua said...

Holy freaking cow... is that Thunder Dan Gartley! HEY MAN! GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Freaking wonderful! Stop back in sometime... and I'll link your blog up man. Glad to hear from you. Really.



Joshua said...

Except I now see that you have no blog posted... do you have a blog?

Tim 2 said...

Can I man the guns on the northwest defensive wall?

Joshua said...

No. You'll shoot your eye out.

Dan Gartley said...

hey castleman,

i have a blog now. we can be friends