Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rachel wanted me to put up some pictures of our new apartment. So here you go! This is where you spent your first few months Norah! (We can't wait for you to get here...)

Our Front Door

Kitchen... the Window is behing me.

To the Right...

Kitchen Table, to the right of previous picture.

Plants. I'll kill them eventually I'm sure. This is to the right of the table.

I'm now standing in the kitchen doorway. (Where I was standing taking pictures of the Kitchen, only now, I've turned 180 degrees to take pictures of the living room.)

Living room. The door is to the right of the silver picture frame. (Thanks Cris!)

Now I'm standing in the doorway you saw in the previous picture, photographing the living room.

To the right of the previous picture. This is the doorway I was standing in to take the other pictures.

Turn 180 degrees, and you're in the bedroom/nursery. This is where we'll sleep.

This is the dresser/part of the crib/pack and play.

Here is the pack and play/crib. We'll hopefully be putting the crib up here.

To the right of the Crib is a doorway. Through that doorway is the dresser/dyson.

To the right of the dyson, the Bathroom.

Don't worry Rach, I closed the curtain. ;)

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Jim Elek said...

you have a nice apartment. I t looks big. I like the davenport especially.