Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving at the Elek's

Here are pictures of the Thanksgiving at my parent's house. We weren't there for dinner, but I did manage to grap three or four photos before we left for the McCowin's and I think they are worth posting.

Gizmo in Heat.

Dad's newest little ones. Don't worry, we watched best in show.

Molly worn out.

Rachel singing the national anthem... not really.

She was rooting for the Browns.

Okay okay, she was just being goofy and I took the picture.

Thanksgiving at the Hursts

Two weeks ago, we had our annual Malone Thanksgiving, a tradition going on seven (?) years now. Every Saturday before Thanksgiving, a whole slew of my college friends get together to eat Thanksgiving dinner together. There is the annual Backyard Football Game. The annual OSU game, the annual Yams, the annual Dinner, the annual Light a Candle and Say What You're Thankful For Ceremony, and the annual Everybody by the Fireplace Picture.

It was a wonderful time. Without further ado... here's the pictures.


Two weeks ago, I visited with my old friend Mandy Hooper, her husband Matt and their four children. It was a really wonderful time. I haven't seen Matt and Mandy in quite a long time (aside from the wedding, but that was a blur.) And I haven't seen their kids in forever either. The eldest girl, Emily, is very fun for me to be around because I knew her when she was a baby. To know her now, in THIRD GRADE!!, is a real gift. The Hoopers are a wonderful family, and I really love the opportunity to sit down and eat with them if I can. It's just enough craziness to be a bit over the top, Ben is chasing someone with a sword, Emily is reading a book, or writing a dissertation or some other equally no-other-kid-alive-enjoys-doing-that-at-her-age thing, Madelyn is yelling at some imaginary woodblock friend, and two year old Connor is drinking coffee in the corner... and then they break out a chocolate fountain for dipping. I'm pretty much not exaggerating. It's a blast. Then the kids go to bed and we play Taboo until Rachel's throat is hoarse. But the guys win, and Rach and I go home.

Here's pics.