Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving at the Elek's

Here are pictures of the Thanksgiving at my parent's house. We weren't there for dinner, but I did manage to grap three or four photos before we left for the McCowin's and I think they are worth posting.

Gizmo in Heat.

Dad's newest little ones. Don't worry, we watched best in show.

Molly worn out.

Rachel singing the national anthem... not really.

She was rooting for the Browns.

Okay okay, she was just being goofy and I took the picture.


Anonymous said...

Always good to read your blog even if your dog is having feminine issues.
That sounds bad...
Good to see you are doing well

Mom Elek said...

Babs, did you really say that? or was someone pretending to be you, and just trying to frame you? I think someone was trying to frame you.

Yep, instead of kids on Dad's lap, he is now piled high with dogs. It was a little rougher than usual this past week as Bailey has been staying here.

Sandragupta said...