Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rachel's Final

Well, it's finals time and Rachel was working hard on her big paper for the semester. She had over 17 pages to type in the morning the other day, and she asked me "If I finish my paper today, will you take me to dinner?" I told her sure.

That day, I came home, and she was doing her darndest to get the paper finished. She even made a little "Paper Thermometer" to motivate herself to keep going.

I just thought it was funny how she does stuff like that. (And it just reminded me of something Marisa would do, further proving my point that Tim and I married the same woman.) Here she is hard at work.

The Paperometer is on the wall between the windows. It's tough to see here...

I love the "YEAH!" card.

1 comment:

gretchen said...

And the Hoopla box behind the wall adds flavor and drama. That's one of my favorite (and overused words), especially when writing papers.