Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Famous Dead People Who Do and Don't Blog.

My brother recently asked me if Jesus blogs. And the answer is no. Jesus does not blog. Jesus Christ does not blog. Jesus H Christ does not blog. Jesus of Nazareth does not blog.

I started wondering what other fascinating people do not blog. Genghis Khan does not blog. Ghandi does not blog. Neither do Thomas Edison, Confucious, Joan of Arcadia, Julius Ceasar, Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther, Howard Hughes, Copernicus, King Arthur, Mohammed, or The Angel Gabriel. None of these famous dead people blog, but they did at one point start a blog, and have never kept up with it.

Which leads me to why I'm writing. I think it's stupid that the minute you write down a URL, you get to keep it forever even if you never do anything with it. What's stopping me from going out there and opening up and then keeping it open until someone wants it. All I have to do is make them give me $40, and I'll delete the blog, they can open it, and I've just made $40 off of Blogger's free software. It's stupid. The guy who opened up a while back should get kicked in the teeth. So should the guy who opened, and the guy who opened I think every blog that has less than twelve entries and hasn't been written on in over 3 years should be deleted.

Interestingly, Joan Rivers does blog. Then again, so does this guy (my personal favorite, and hugely popular).

Chewy on the other hand? He doesn't blog. And Chewbacca? Never even started.


Katie said...

WWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!! i dont think josh has enough time on his hands.

jdh said...

david crowder blogs, for what it's worth.

or, more specifically, xangas...

so does joel daniel harris.

Tim 2 said...

Like I always say...