Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Postmodernity Pt. 2

Let me start by saying that, by no means do I have this figured out. What follows is really just a stumbling, rambling attempt to fall down a pigeonhole that might answer our question. Keep in mind that the Postmodernity I am embracing to answer this question might retort that because no one is going to come at the question from the same angle, everyone will benefit in varying degrees from the answer my experience has generated.


The Question:

How are we to be Postmodern Christians?

Answering this huge question demands that I consider many other questions. This question begs, "How do we believe truth exists in a Postmodern world?" It also asks, "What is scripture?", "Why is Christ the only way?", "What about all those other religions that popped up around the same time and pretty much said the same thing?" and "What do we do about the people who are raised in a Muslim world and are socially conditioned to detest the very notion of a messianic Christ?" I'll try to get at the first three questions here. I'm going to answer each of these questions in separate posts. Please keep in mind while you go through the discussion that I don't know if any of my answers hold water. These are just the ideas I have.

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