Tuesday, January 24, 2006

God's Provision

I know people have heard these stories before, but I don't want to think that we should be afraid to talk about how often God does amazing things for us.

As many of you might know, I work for the Coalition for Christian Outreach, and as such, I have to raise my own support. I love this part of my job, and I hate it. I love keeping in touch with people through my ministry, and I am grateful beyond understanding for the number of people that support me and my ministry by contributing to it with their earnings.

Raising my own support nearly kept me from joining the CCO, and in fact, it kept me from joining the CCO for three years in a row. But finally, I swallowed the bullett and decided to join. Support raising has been the most frightening thing for me in this experience.

Today, I awoke and went to pay some bills. Apparently, due to a bookkeeping error on my part, I had not been sending in the correct amount to my School Loans for seven months, and I was delinquent by about $700. Needless to say, I was frightened. I don't usually make a whole lot more than $700 a month, and I found out I was that much in the hole, with other bills to pay, and I desperately need to save any bit of money that I can. I had enough in my account to pay the delinquent funds, but I would have little money saved up after that, and I need to have some money put away right now. I paid the bill, and took a deep breath, and prayed that God would make sure my next paycheck could cover the next month's bills.

Then, I went to check my report that tells me how many dollars worth of donations I had received. It turns out that one of my old friends had given me an incredibly generous gift of $600 in one big chunk. I know that this man and his wife are seeking to please the Lord in what they do, and I know that this gift was a sacrifice on their part. I also know that the Lord knew of my need, and he has seen fit to meet it.

This is the third time I have needed money to come from nowhere in my six months with the CCO, and so far, each time, it has come. Now, I don't say all this meaning that we are to sit back and do nothing while God sends us money in the mail. I am doing a lot of work right now, and I'm trying to get my support raising up, but I'm struggling. The constant hand of God on my back telling me that it will be okay, constantly telling me that he loves me and he won't let me go-even monetarily-has been a relief for me.

So, to the guy man and woman who made the generous sacrifice. Thank you. You don't know how much that helped me. To those of you who are constantly supporting me month after month. Thank you. You are keeping me fed, and you are allowing me to be here while I talk to students about the gospel, and try to help them heal a lot of the pain in their lives. And to those of you who are constantly supporting me through your prayers, Thank you. Your prayers have had a lasting impact. I am growing in the Lord, and I am finding all that I need here.

It is truly good to trust in Him. Thank you.

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meiegh?! that's as close as I can get tosounding out ...meiegh?!... Hey boss, nothing to do with financialness, letting you know I now have a blog as well. I can spew my incoherence to the masses at www.holdingthekeys.blogspot.com
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