Sunday, May 06, 2007


I needed help writing this post. Because this time, I'm not just talking about me. I guess there are a lot of times that the posts aren't just about me, but this time, it's about me, my wife, and my family. And for the first time in my life, by family, I don't mean my mom and dad and brothers and sister. I mean, me, my wife, and our family. That's right. Our family. Because we are going to be a full fledged, honest to goodness, out of the chute family in just under seven months.

*This is where I pause for the person I'm talking to to really get what I just said.*

I'magonna be a daddy!!!

That's right. November 28th, 2007... The littlest Elek is coming kicking and screaming into this world. I'm going to see if the doctor will let me smack his butt. (I heard they don't do that anymore.)

This is the part where I'm going to need some help. Sure, I can tell you what it's been like for me to be "pregnant" but that means talking about playing video games, doing the laundry more often, doing the dishes more often, and not knowing why your wife won't eat chips and salsa any more when she could eat her own weight in chips and salsa two months ago. It's been pretty easy for me so far, I just ask what Rach wants to eat, cook it, and then hope she still wants to eat it when it's done.

But I want Rach to tell you a bit about what it's been like to be prego. So... here she is. Ladies and Gentleman, Rachel Elek (and kid):

Well, it's been pretty fun! I really do enjoy it so far. I will be officially in the 2nd trimester in a little under 2 weeks and I am very much looking forward to that. I have been sleeping so much and really think about sleeping when I'm not. I have been very lucky as far as morning sickness goes. We found out we were pregnant on our way to Virginia to visit my brother-in-law Jim and sister-in-law Charlotte. Once we arrived there I started feeling small waves of "car sickness," but it only lasted about 45 minutes. Once we were back in Wheeling I saw our new doctor and he gave me a prescription for a prenatal vitamin that helps with the nausea and I have felt really great ever since then.

Now the strangest part is that I weigh the exact same as I did a few months ago, and now my clothes do not fit. That is probably the most frustrating part. I'm learning to adjust, but when you are not showing and you feel like one false move and BAM your clothes could explode off of you, well that's just an uneasy feeling.

All of the students left this week and the seniors will leave after graduation this Saturday. We told students before they left because we didn't want them coming back and thinking I just let myself go for the summer! ;) It was actually really fun to tell all of them. They all pretty much said immediately that they would babysit! They are cute!

The last thing I will leave you with is that I do have moments of feeling crazy. Whether that's crying so hard I can't breathe, or forgetting what I am talking about mid-sentence, or just feeling "weird" and not knowing what I need or want. It's all part of this game I guess but sometimes I just feel crazy!

My husband has been wonderful! I couldn't have asked for more support, love and just plan old fun when I really need it. He makes me laugh and that's really helpful. We get excited to talk about the future and how abnormally small our child might be, just like us. Who knows, the baby could be very big and then it will carry us around in the Baby Bjorn! Now that makes me laugh! Ok, that's probably enough for now.

(This is Joshua again.) We wanted to tell everyone in the CCO over Spring Institute, so if you are finding out over the blog I'm sorry. We just couldn't wait to spill the beans. (That's a funny phrase, "spill the beans.")

So to finish: here is a picture from the sonogram. That fuzzy bean in the middle there is our baby. (When we went in for the sonogram he/she was bouncing and dancing all over the place. It was amazing. Just amazing.)

So... Congratulations Baby Elek! On being made! Now, cook and get out here, we can't wait to hold you!


austina said...

Yah! That's so exciting! And if the baby comes on Nov 28th he or she will share the day with my younger sister!

austina said...

p.s. it was super fun to see Rach yesterday at Morgan & Ben's wedding!

Tim 2 said...

You baby makers you!

Youngest Elek boy = first Elek Dad!


Rachel Elek said...


It was good to see you too! I wanted to tell you so bad, but I did not want to take away from Ben and Morgan's day! Thanks for your excitement!


Urquell Branning said...


I read ur blog regularily, happened to come accross it about a year, and iv been hooked ever since.

It strange but for some reason I find it facinating to read what you've been up to each week.

Quality news on the mini-elek! Well done, it almost bought a tear to my eye to read about that, and i dont even know you. How weird is that!

Anyway, good luck, keep the blogg going - hey you can introduce the elek-ster to blogging!!


Erik H. Beun said...

Josh and Rachel,

Congratulations on the exciting news. Enjoy the excitement.

Erik, Laura, and Allison Beun

Alex said...

Oh my goodness!! Josh Elek is going to be a dad??!! That is freaking awesome!! :) I am so, so, so excited for you!!! Congratulations!! Let me know when you know if its a boy or girl so I can start shopping!!

Mandy said...

We are so excited for you! I so vividly remember the warmth and kindness you brought into our home when you came to visit our first child, zoe. You came with arms full of baby food and celebration wine and frozen foods for us. And you quickly dropped those in our kitchen so you could hold her. You'll be a great daddy. And Rachel, you're already taking motherhood like a champ (changing body shape is quite weird). So excited for the two of you! And Tony and I were just talking about you today, turns out you guys have been on our hearts. I was re-reading one of your old newsletters, and look forward to supporting and encouraging you in ministry. You guys are doing great things!

Tim 2 said...