Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally an Update...

Wow... talk about busy.

After having a little baby Girl, Rachel, Norah and I travelled to Cleveland to spend Christmas with my family, and then we spent about a week in Beaver Falls with Rachel's family and introduced Norah to as many Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Cousins, and Friends as we possibly could. Then, the day I got back on campus, we had training with the RA staff, and prepped the building for reopen. Students moved in a day later, and now we are finishing up twelve students moving out, eleven students changing rooms, and one student moving in. Wow. It's been NUTZ.

But, we've had time to enjoy Norah and our living situation as well. It's a huge blessing to me that we get to raise Norah in a college dorm for this time. We've had so many people offering to hold her and folks asking if they can babysit, we don't know what to do with it all. Just yesterday one of the baseball players in our building asked if he could watch Norah while I went to a meeting. I said sure, and handed her over. When it turned out that the guy I was supposed to meet with wasn't there, I went back to the baseball player's room. I opened the door to see this big bulky baseball player sitting in a chair with his lifting belt on the ground next to him in front of the TV holding Norah, watching Dora the Explorer. It was awesome. I said "Andy, are you watching Dora?" He said "Yeah, I was watching Spongebob, but I thought she'd like this better."

Seriously. Later one of my RAs found out that Andy got to watch her for fifteen minutes, and he was so jealous Rach and I decided to let Ben watch Norah while we went to the grocery store. When we left, Norah was sleeping in the chair and Ben was playing Assasin's Creed on the X-Box. When we got back, the TV was off and Ben was holding her on the couch. It's just so fun to see the guys excited about her. And, on another note, I think it's totally necessary for them to see a guy model the acceptable motherly instincts when it comes to kids. It grinds away at the "Dude" exterior that is so prevalent in a college dorm.

Anyway, I haven't posted in forever, and I can't do justice to all the people that we got to spend time with over break. So, I'll leave you with some pictures, and a list of things that I plan on doing to the first boy Norah brings home when I answer the door.

Don't forget, there's a link on the sidebar to Norah's Flickr Album if you ever want to see some photos of her.

This is one of my favorites so far.

8 days worth of diapers. Sheesh.

Sarah Lantz came all the way up to Cleveland to meet her.

Tim wanted to show me the proper way to hold a Baby.

Uncle Jeremy giving Norah some of the white gold.

Awww....... *BURP*

Grandpa took her for a walk.

She actually likes Bath time now that her belly button fell off.

She looks like she just found out that I'm actually her Dad, not just another person that is going to be gone in a week.

Sleepy time!

OK... Ben and I were talking about things to do to the first boy Norah brings home. Mind you, I'm guessing this is a very sweet, scared, nice, little 12 year old boy we're talking about. Here's the top ten things to do when I answer the door.
  1. Ask "What are your intentions with my daughter?"
  2. Blow in his face and ask "What did I eat for dinner? Go ahead! Guess!"
  3. Answer wearing a surgical mask and hand him one explaining "Sorry, Norah has SARS."
  4. Spray mace in his eyes.
  5. Give him a knowing wink. If he asks anything, give another knowing wink.
  6. Hand him a razor, a mirror, and a straw and say "I think you know what to do with these." Then have Char pull him over and search his car.
  7. Walk with a severe limp and tell him it's rude to stare.
  8. Open the door, grab the seat of my pants, and run back into the house yelling "Hang on!" Then fail to return.
  9. Punch him in the temple.
  10. Answer the door with "Wrong house." and slam the door shut.


Tim 2 said...

It's about time. Whatever happened to wearing the rubber boots, coveralls and chainsaw covered
in blood when you answer the door?

Yeah who are you?

Tim & Deane said...

What about sitting him down and saying, "Are you aware Norah has six uncles and one aunt who packs a gun?"


"Hmmmm... I should warn you... I can read minds, and that thought isn't winning you any points with me."


"I used to be your age. Do you plan to live long enough to get to my age?"

marisa said...

well well...Mr I don't post regularly now that I have a child...

Lazy, don't use Norah as an excuse Josh! I saw that 30 minute diatribe on the subtler points of being related to Jerry.

Why don't you blog about Jerry?

shelby said...

i'm reading about the cool impact y'all & norah are having on these fellas... then i thought "aawww, i love the BURP pic"...

then i got to the top of your "top 10"...

and i thought... "scary-goofy".
followed by
"too much time with mr. leon, i think."

you are ridiculous! poor norah. ;P