Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Clinton Blog Vs. Obama Blog

So, I went onto Barack Obama's campaign site today, and left a comment on his blog. I was interested to see that the entry was posted at 12:00 and by 2:00 there were over 500 comments on the entry. I went over to Hillary's site and saw a post that was published at the same time, with only 25 comments. I was intrigued, because one of the comments on Hillary's blog discussed how Hillary has the momentum. So, I commented on Hillary's blog that according to blog posts, Barack has the momentum.

Here's the interesting thing: The comment I wrote on Hillary's blog was something like "This post has 25 responses. A post on Obama's site published at roughly the same time, already has over 500 responses. I know Hillary is saying we have the edge, but it doesn't look like it when you look at the blogs." Not a terribly mean spirited statement, not really even offensive at all. But it wasn't published. Hillary's people won't let the comment go on the site.

I wondered what Barack might do with a mean spirited comment. So I went to his site, and entered the following comment, just to see: "It doesn't matter. Hillary's going to win the nomination any way." Definitely more mean spirited than what I put on Hillary's site. And you know what? The comment I put on Obama's blog is still there.

Interesting. Clinton is censuring her own blog posts! She won't let people say mean things about her on her own site. She certainly has the right to do it, but I find it interesting that she chooses to exercise that right, and Obama does not.

You can give it a shot if you like... it's kinda fun. It's like watching Hillary squirm. (But not really.)


Tim 2 said...

You could go to hell for even looking at the blog of a democratic Candidate...just so you know.

Allie said...

That is REALLY interesting...and I have to say that I am not surprised one bit. Thanks for sharing Josh. And, thanks for having such a cute baby. Seriously.

Sean said...

mmmm, hillary's hot. . . they took that off her blog, I guess she just doesn't like people typing anything

Tim 2 said...


He doesn't even have baby maker parts!

Oh...oh wait...Rach had the baby..and it is a figure of speech I am so thick sometimes.