Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting Ready for Chicago!

So, for those of you who keep checking back here every day hoping to see pictures of Norah, I apologize for leaving the palm leaf manuscript up so long. We've just been ultra busy with closing the building and getting ready for the big move.

We leave on June 7th for Chicago, and we're a freakish mix of elated and anxiously horrified all at once. It's tough. I keep waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning with a pit in my stomach thinking "What are we doing? We don't have jobs, we don't have money, we can't afford to do this! WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?!" Then I lay awake for an hour, and resign myself to not sleeping the rest of the night. So, I go in the next room and watch forensics shows and wonder when Rachel will be taking out a life insurance policy for me.

I can't wait to start studying, (in fact, I'm currently plodding my way through Durkheim's Elementary Forms of Religious Life to prepare myself a bit for UChicago) but I'm nervous all the same. But let's be honest, you're here to see pictures of Norah, and boy do we have some good ones. As usual, I've posted them to Flickr, but I'll throw the best pictures up here. Go to Norah's Flickr album to see the rest.

As I'm sure you'll see, Norah has suddenly started noticing things and being excited way more. She lights up when Rachel or I walk into the room, and is just so much more emotive. It's really fun to watch her and she's waaay more entertaining now that she seems to know what things are and how to reach for them. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Norah and her WJU college buddies at the Senior Reception a few weeks ago.

We found a Rhododendron on a walk and Norah loved it in her ear. She kept it there for most of the walk. (I can't believe she tolerates that stuff.)

And finally, the cutest freaking costume EVER!


Rachel Elek said...

Life's stress is much more manageable with a little girl like Norah smiling at you!

Carrie Babcock said...

Yes, more pictures!!! Norah and I are going to have to have a talk about the Obama 08' thing.

You should talk with Adam about how to turn your brain off at night. I think that is how he got into watching Scrubs late at night!

Sean said...

A. Scrubs= greatness
B. Norah is so smiley! That is sweet she could probably pick stuff up with her eyelashes too. Lucy is starting to grow, brows and lashes, but they are still very small. And, she started to truly smile (not gas) two days ago. It was like overnight she started making noises other than push/grunts and smiling, very fun.
C. I have been through the sleepless nights and stressful dumb crap, and sometimes, I return, but being in school will help a ton, and you'll love being challenged again, and finances will work eventually.
D. I got straight A's to finish off my degree. So excited.

Joshua said...

A - Never seen scrubs.
B - Her long lashes are a direct result of our splicing big bird's genes into Norah In Utero.
C - Ugh.
D - Congrats Man!!! Friggin' Wow! (I hope I can pull decent grades like that when I get to school.)

Oh, and Carrie... we'll talk about Obama. And how he's going to be the savior of the US of A. (No. Not really.)

Shawn said...

Dear Josh,

I have a mighty uncomfortable rash. Please advise.