Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here in Chicago!

Well, this is my first post here in Chicago Illinois. I'm sitting at a computer in the Chicago Public Library on 49th and Blackstone right now. It's a small marble building with gorgeous murals painted on the ceiling above the front entrance. There aren't very many books at this branch, which was a bit of a surprise. I'm excited to check out the library down town, as I imagine it's a nice one.

We'll be posting pictures and everything of our current digs as soon as I get the internet up and running, which will be as early as Friday or as late as Monday. (Keep an eye out.)

On a fun note, we found out that we live four blocks from Barack Obama! We walked past his house the other day and there were dozens of secret service people around and a few news cameras. I sat and talked with one of the reporters for a few minutes about his job of stalking the Presidential Nominee. Hopefully his kids will come by for Halloween!

Anyway, there's a timer counting down the amount of time I'm permitted on this computer, so I'll go now. We'll post more later!


Nora S. said...

Give Norah hugs and kisses from me. How did the interview go for Rach? I miss you guys like crazy...

Tracy said...

Joshua and Family.
I hope all is well. I am sorry we did not get together- life sure does get busy. Enjoy the best city I know. We look forward to traveling to visit you.