Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tim the most awesomest big brother in the world...

That's right, my big brother Tim is even way more coolerEr than your big brother. As a matter of fact, he can beat up your dad and Super Man at the same time. When he walks down the street the Metallica song "Seek and Destroy" plays on all the radios ahead of him, and all the girls hear that classic Rolling Stones song "Under My Thumb" in their heads.

I mean, seriously, this guy eats spinach for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Sometimes, I wish I had his staggeringly good looks...

Plus, I really shouldn't ever leave myself logged into Google when I leave his house, cause really...who knows what crazy stuff could happen!



Joshua said...

Thanks for that Tim. Now Jim and Jer are going to hate me.

Tim 2 said...

Of course everyone will know I posted that drivel...I mean, come on...Metallica and The Rolling Stones? Would you really have referenced those two bands in a post?

Anyhow, yeah I wrote it, you see Josh left himself logged in on my puter here in Madison, and I could not resist the chance to do a prank.

btw the word verification is this


which could be read as

k just kidding thanks!


jay said...

Yeah Josh, I was a bit taken back by the band references. Been thinking a lot about you guys this week.

Well played, Tim.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you love Tim more than me. I always thought that I was better looking too. Now I will cry myself to sleep.


Joshua said...


I can't wait to come home for the bachelor party. I'm totally stoked to get together and suck at golf and loose at poker.

My final exam is the following Monday, so I'll have to do some serious studying over the weekend as well, but I'm still psyched.

Anonymous said...

I can help you study. The capital of uranus is...

my word verification is
That isn't even a word. Maybe it's hebrew.


Jim Elek said...

maybe i should go get some new brothers as i am obviously unappreciated by my current a-hole brothers.....i just double flipped you off while crossing my forearms so go suck an egg.

Tim 2 said...

Jim, you're in so much trouble you don't even know!

Tim & Deane said...

Does anyone out there have any sympathy for me and what I went through raising these sons?

None of this is my fault. I blame it on the schools.