Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ever have one of those days where you are walking around, and it's gorgeous outside, and everything is right in the world, and then you suddenly just feel like it all falls apart? Not that everything fell apart by any means, but today, for whatever reason, I'm just feeling like I'm in over my head. This program is so chalk full of incredibly brilliant people, and some of them are so freaking good at this stuff, that I am just feeling a little bit out of my league. I know that I can do this, and I'm not fishing for compliments or anything, I'm just trying to get it out there. Sometimes, you just don't think your going to last very long swimming with the sharks.

I'll get over it, and I'll translate a few more chapters of Genesis today, and work on a paper on Gen. 14, but sometimes (and I imagine most people feel this way every now and then) I just feel like I've fooled someone, there's no way I'm smart enough to be here, doing this, no matter how much I love doing it.

Now I'm nervous that everyone's going to leave comments about how I AM smart, and I CAN do this. I know I am, and I know I can. It's just... one of those days.

Ok. On to translating.


S. W. K. said...

the husband in the phd program often says the same things to me. and we know it's true...we're in over our heads with the graduate school thing...but it's been proven that people who work hard get good results. so we work even harder.

Heather said...

i used to have those days every time i started a new class. i usually cried and flipped out and then ryan calmed me down. glad to hear others feel that way. i also think people will find out that i'm only good at multiple choice questions, but not real life doctoring and that my friend is how i got where I am. I think it's healthy to have these days every once in awhile so that it spurs us on to work harder. so i won't give you any compliments just validation (even though i would give you compliments if you needed them)

Ryan said...

I appreciate your honesty Josh; it's rare in this get-ahead cut throat world...

love ya man!

Sean said...

well, I don't know what you are talking about, I never feel that way about anything, so you must be weird. Since you are not fishing for compliments I'll take this opportunity to tear you down a little bit.

You suck at Professional Basketball and playing the tuba and remembering your keys. So there you are. . . stick that in your pipe. . . whoops got carried away.

Keep working hard, and kiss your ladies. It is good to be challenged, I would venture to guess you are in the wrong place if you are not.

Tim and Deane said...

How would you know how wonderful the good days are if you never had a down day?

I don't know if you are in over your head or not. I just know you are where God planned for you to be. In the end, the glory is His. (And that is something you learned well and practice often.)