Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Norah's Animal Sounds

Before we start, you should know that my dad, and Rachel's dad look like twins. Norah calls my dad "Poppa" and Rachel's dad "Pappy" but, as I'm sure you'll understand, she sometimes gets confused. My dad says that they don't look that much alike. But I disagree, and in order to prove my point, I made a little animated gif for you... hopefully you'll understand Norah's confusion:


On to the post: Norah has been learning her animal sounds lately, and we decided we would make a video of her doing them. Whenever I post videos like this, I worry that I'm posting a something that only the child's parent wants to see. I think of those shows I saw when I was a kid where the dad calls the neighbors over, sets up the slide projector and starts narrating through the slides like Ben Stine in Ferris Beuller's Day Off. I try to jazz these up and cut out the boring parts so they're not too grueling to sit through. But still, I think these videos are probably the 21st century equivalent of the boring slide projector show... so grab a shrimp cocktail and enjoy.

The following video is Norah showing off her family names and animal sounds. Oh, and in case you don't know, "Molly" is my parent's dog, and she is in the picture with my dad (Remember? He's "Poppa.") She just learned how to say Molly and she's pretty proud of herself. And we taught her a few animal sounds that are a bit, well... weird. Hopefully you'll understand.



Rachel Elek said...

I love, love, love this video!!!!

Anonymous said...

When will Norah update her blog - it has been FOREVER and I'm tired of looking at the german she knows...she should blog about all the animals she knows instead - cause animals are cuter than germans... :)

Joshua said...

I know... I was actually thinking about it while I updated this blog today. I really do need to get to it.

Tim and Deane said...

Mooollllly loves this video.

That's A Rapp said...

Okay, I will watch the video tonight when I'm home, but I have to say that it is so funny to me that your dads do look so much alike. And I give all the credence in the world to Norah. I would get confused too if I had not already known Bruce and Debbie and seen Rachel's Dad eyes a hundred and fifty thousand times in college.

That's A Rapp said...

Alright, just watched the video! She is adorable and brilliant of course! Miss you guys!