Thursday, August 27, 2009


Angry face.

I saw a link on CNN to a website called "Personas" developed by MIT where you can go, type in your name, and find out what kind of person the internet thinks you are. (You can try it for yourself here.)

So, I went and typed in my name and the results started pouring in. As I watched, I noticed a quote from one website that made me a little angry. Part of me was mad, because the quote was mean, but I was a more upset because it was true. And, let's be honest, nothing hurts more than when someone successfully points out one of your faults.

The full quote was: "Don't ask for help from friends like Joshua Elek who are completely incapable of being helpful when they see an opportunity to be funny."

See? Isn't that mean? And, isn't it worse that it's also kinda true? Wouldn't you be ticked off if someone said something like that about you on the Internet? Especially if you sort of agreed with it? Well, I was ticked. And I was going to find out who said it.

So I went to Google and searched for "Joshua Elek completely incapable of being helpful" or something like that, and hit enter. The results popped up and, boom. There it is, the exact quote... ON JR'S BLOG.


So, now I'm sitting at my computer thinking... JR? JR Rozko? JR ROZKO?! Why the hate man? Why you gotta be bashin' me on your blog for all the world to read... what did I do? You big mean jerk! I even helped you move! Who do you... Grrrrrr.....

Well, the quote wasn't right there on the page when I got there. So, I scrolled down through the post to find out what he's talking about. When did I refuse to help my good buddy JR because I wanted to be funny? Gotta see why Junior's all ROASTIN' me on his blog.

Eventually, I found the quote. It wasn't in the post. It was in the comments section, and JR didn't write it after all. In fact... it was me. I wrote it.

Oh. Duh.

Sorry JR.


Sean said...

That's the best thing I have ever heard! I wish that happened to me so I could tell that story.

jrrozko said...

Holy freaking cow - I'm rollin. Where's the faith brotha?! You know I love you. Don't even know what comment you came up with to get that result. I did the test and it just gave me a bunch of words, no phrases or anything like that.

Carrie Babcock said...

I fell off my chair laughing, ok maybe not, but that was funny. I did the word thing too, and got a bunch of phrases like JR. I guess I am a social smoker in the DC area.

jrrozko said...

I think you have to read phrases while it is compiling information. If you don't have that much information to compile, it will go pretty fast probably.

Joshua said...

Yeah, you have to read as you go.

Heather said...

awesome! i was getting mad at JR too until the end.

jrrozko said...

man - people are pretty quick to assume the worst here. I'll pacify myself with the notion that it's just because Josh is such a good writer.