Sunday, March 27, 2005

He is Risen

Easter morning. There is a heavy fog outside today as if to illustrate the mystery that accompanies the occasion. Through this window, I can barely see the treetops through the cloud that has fallen. It is Easter. The most sacred day on the Christian calendar. Today is the day that separates us from the other religions of the world. This is the day that commemorates the ressurection of our Messiah and in so doing testifies to His divinity.

I think how fortunate I am. For hundreds of years Jewish priests and prophets waited for the Messiah to come. I wonder how many died wishing they could have known him. I wonder how many lay in bed at night while they were still alive wondering if he would arrive during their time on Earth. I think of Isaiah, who prophecied so clearly to what the Christ would be. I think of the nation of Israel who waited for his coming, wringing their hands in eagre anticipation. And today I say, He has come. The Messiah has come, and has payed my ransom, and He has forgiven my sins.

It has been nearly two thousand years since He rose from the dead. Nearly two thousand years of advancement, destruction, peace and war. Two thousand years of people dashing from petty concern to petty concern, and today, with all the other Christians of the world, I am priveledged to set my life aside to wonder at the mystery of the Gospel. I am priveledged to say that the Messiah has come, and today, I have been forgiven again, and once more He has made made peace between me and God.

There is candy this morning, and egg hunts across America. And through the fog of celebration lies the clearly echoed phrase "He is risen." "He is risen indeed." I am thankful. I am thankful for the morning and the cloud that rests on the grass today. I am thankful for the peace in me right now, and the clarity with which I am seeing my forgiveness this morning. I am thankful that I have the risen Christ in my heart, and he is driving me toward a gentler, kinder, softer man. I am thankful, because I am a sinner who has been atoned for. I have been justified. I have been saved. The passover lamb was sacrificed for me, by me. And through that sacrifice and His glorious ressurection, I have been forgiven, and I know that I too will be resurrected into life with him. Praise God. The Messiah has come, and triumphed sin. Today is Easter. And, today, I remember once more the joy of my salvation.

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