Sunday, April 10, 2005

Great Weekend

This weekend shaped up to be one of the best weekends in a long time, strictly because it was open and full of free time. I am going to have to learn to treasure these weekends because they are sure to be fleeting.

Thursday after work a few friends went to Jillian's to play pool and have a beer. We didn't have to go into the office on Friday so I enjoyed hanging out with my co-workers at the bar.

After Jillian's, I went to Fridays in Canton with my friend Rebekah and met two of her friends, Steve and David. They got married in Hawaii about a year ago, making them the only married homosexual couple that I know. I'm glad they managed to do it before it was outlawed and their civil rights were permanently stripped from them. Hopefully when the law makers start their witch hunt, those who managed to get marriage certificates before the soon to come puritanical oppression will be grandfathered into legal recognized marraiges.

After dinner at Fridays, I drove home and went straight to bed. I slept in Friday morning, and after waking up, I played poker online till my eyes bled. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful slag of a morning. It sounds a bit terrible to enjoy having been so slothful, but hey, every now and then it's fun to be a waste of space.

I finally wrestled myself out of the chair and went for a quick run. When I got back, my brother and I went to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. (Terribly, I might add.) And then I went down to Canton to play poker with some friends. I did pretty well, but didn't place in the money, so I called Babs and Sean and we played nine-ball for a while. Good times. We hung out at Fiddlesticks until 2:00 am and then I spent the night at Babs' house.

Saturday morning I awoke in Babs' house with Carrie, and she and I spent the morning watching the crocodile hunter, eating oatmeal, and chatting here and there. I love spending time with Babs and Carrie, and I'm glad to have them both as friends.

I went home, washed out my car, and went for a run in the Metroparks. Had a beautiful run. Found a three mile deer trail somewhere off a bridle trail and just chugged along through the woods all by myself.

Then Babs and Carrie came into Cleveland and we went to a Cavs game. Cavs beat the bucks by twenty points, and we went to the Fox and the Hound to play some pool. Pool sucked because there was a group of people having a party right by the table and they kept sitting on the table as we played and refused to get out of our way when we needed to shoot. So, we left and I went to bed.

Sunday I woke early, played with the dog, went to Church, sat with Andrew and Jeff Leon. Great service this morning, big weight lifted off my chest when I heard Harry say that I didn't have to emulate Christ on my own. I guess I've been wrestling with that for a while. I know that I am to emulate Him, but I can trust other members of the Church to help me emulate Him by doing those things that I am not very good at. Or something. More on this later I'm sure.

After church, Matt Harbert and I went to lunch at Jillian's in Akron. Great talks about heaven and hell and girls we like. (Both subjects line up remarkably well.)

Then I drove home and sat on the back porch through a beautiful spring day finishing the third book in the Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events." I purchased the books for my children even though I don't have any children yet. I've taken to writing notes in the books to my kids so that when I do have kids, and they are old enough to read, they will be drawn to the books. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some good readers out of my children.

Then I went downstairs and sanded and stained a bookshelf I've been building. After cleaning my hands, I came up here and turned on the boob-tube and started my blog. What an absolutley wonderful weekend. I'm sorry I didn't go to Nyack this weekend as I had the opportunity to, but I think this weekend was everything I needed it to be.


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