Thursday, June 16, 2005

broken finger

i thought it would be funny to type out a post because my fvinger is broken andf i can[t type andf look at the screen at the same time. it also takes too long to hit the back keuy left anf right sop i'm just going witrh it. one hanfded. trying to do my best but oh well... now i know what my dad feels like when he sitsd dowen to typer.

i have been thinking a lot about being a good lreader and waht it means to be a servant leader. i a mwith a bunch of people who are all uased to beingf leaders anfd it is a huge stretch fior mer to submit to so mANY STRIONG PERSonalitiers. i thionk the lesson is due however, that servant leaders are more respected and trustedt than forceful leaders. there is a lot to say fotr stepping baCK ANF SAYING I'M sure youy can xdco this as well as i can if not better.

well that took about twenty minutes andf my good hand is cramping up now. more later.

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