Monday, December 12, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia

I have a very old, torn paper-back book a shelf in my apartment with a note written in it addressed to my future children. The copy on my shelf is the same copy that I read so many years ago, when as a six year old boy, I read C.S. Lewis' "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" for the first time. It was the first "real" book that I ever read, and it has instilled a passion for reading in me that grows to this day. I started reading at a very early age, and after reading this book, I fell in love. As a boy, when I was bored, or ran out of new books to read, I would read "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" again. And again. And again. I remember many times laying in bed at night, asking God to let me go to Narnia. I remember praying for him to take me there even long after I knew that there was no such thing as Narnia. Now that I am a full twenty-five year old man, I have read the story too many times to count. I have loved the story my whole life, and in many ways it has shaped my faith, and my outlook on the future. I have loved this book and this fanciful tale my whole life.

This weekend, I went with Rachel to watch the movie version of "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe". I have so looked forward to a good film version of this story that on the way there I found myself feeling like a little kid again. Then, when the lights went down, and the movie began, I really fell backwards in my life. I fell into the time when I was a boy, and I asked God to let me go to Narnia.

When the movie finally progressed to the point where Lucy found the Wardrobe, I was so worked up, so excited, so nostalgiac, that as she pulled that great big sheet off of that mahogany chest, I cried.

I saw the Chronicles of Narnia movie this weekend, and while I know that there were some hokey parts, I loved it. It was a truly magical thing for me. I don't know if your experience of the movie will be so powerful, but because of my love for C.S. Lewis' tale, I enjoyed the film immensely.

So there you go. A movie review. Five stars, great story. Well done. Go see it.


adam said...

hey joshua -

i watched narnia right when i got back to erie after staff seminar

and i will almost be honest, i cried

i don't know if it was the combined experience of being away for awhile, spending time with cco staff and really reflecting on my time with God or what... but it was gorgeous, and you're not the only emotionally overloaded narnia individual

it was wonderful to see you, and feel free to pop over to my bloggy-mcbloggerson if you get a chance

peace and love,

Jay said...

Loved it. Saw it with Ben, Sarah D., Sarah. L., Gerb, Jenna, and Wen. Great reviews from everyone. I think it is great that you have the ability to become a child again, Josh. Many people do not understand the importance of imagination. I think that God gave this to us as a gift, and that He gave it to us so early in our lives for a reason. I'm glad that you have held onto it. Come home soon.

Jay said...

Also, December 24th could be an opportunity for the Brown's to knock the Steeler's out of the playoffs. Know that if I don't see you before then, I'll be thinking about you as I am watching the game. Go Black and Gold.

Joshua said...


You're a bad person. The Steeler's might actually find themselves in a decent fight against the Brownies afterall. We are really starting to gel as a team, and while it might be too little too late, it might be a great sign for next year. Remember friend... 2006 is the year of the Browns.

Anonymous said...

But 2005 is the year that you spent lots of time in Steeler country!!!

Love, Rachel

gretchen said...

josh-i'm not sure if you know this...but i married a steeler's fan. and because i was pretty neutral beforehand, i swayed. sorry about that. matt went to that game...quite the blowout ;) he also went to see Narnia (with his dad-i didn't go) and enjoyed it. from both of your reviews, i think i shall :) thanks for the mail.