Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sensualist's Morning

I got up this morning and grabbed my computer. I threw on Rosie Thomas' "When we were small" album and listened to the music quietly spillling out of these plastic cube speakers while Rachel climbed in the shower. I sat on the couch for a while and just soaked things in. It was a nice feeling. And I don't do it nearly enough. The world around me is so full of such wonderful little pleasures, and I don't take enough time just wrapping myself up in my own sensory experience of the world. I'm glad I did, and today, when we drive throughout Warwood dropping off meals for the poor, handicapped and elderly, I'm going to pay attention. I'm going to listen to the tires popping as we steer. I'm going to watch the raindrops land on the window. I'm going to feel the seat against my back and listen to the wind buffetting off of the windows. I'm going to smell the brown bagged lunches in the back seat that always smell the same. I'm going to listen, feel, and smell the world around me.

Good thing Rachel's driving.


Artsy22 said...

I love reading your blog. And I love it that God could be teaching you something that He's teaching me, at the very same time, even though we're miles apart. Slow down. Enjoy life. Don't race through it. Live it. Really.

Love it Josh.

Keep bloggin'!

Jim Elek said...

While I read your blog I noticed that I had a runny nose coming on. I sat there and enjoyed it; then I went to get a tissue and wipe it. I really soaked that experience in. This morning I woke up with a dog's (Roxie's) butt in my face. I am glad that I had not read your blog yet, because I may have been tempted to really soak that up too.

Tim 2 said...

oh that was so funny! I am glad you didn't soak that experience up as well. FILTHY!!!