Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This whole post is really just to show off the Pumpkin I carved a while ago. (I made pumpkin bread and garlicy pumpkin seeds as well. Yum!) I was pretty proud of this little guy, he had a lot of personality. But, he rotted really fast, and started attracting flies, so he's in the garbage now.

Moving on to something overly romanticized:

Halloween. It's time for little kids to put baby powder in their hair and walk around with bed sheets on and ask neighbors for candy. I have always really enjoyed Halloween, and I'm glad to be at a place in my life where I'm thinking about what my little daughter will be doing in a few years. And how much sweet, sweet candy I'll get when that cute little girl goes begging for sweets. Mmmmm....

Things in the Elek house dorm are going pretty well lately. Rachel is having a lot of pain right now because her pubic bones are separating. (Because the bones are a circle, when they spread in one place, the pinch in the other.) It's really painful, and it's hard to see her in pain. I don't know how I'll do in labor... but I'm pretty sure I'll be in a puddle of my own drool on the cold tile floor through most of the process. Sorry Rach.

Actually, as I was typing this, Rach touched my arm and said that she thought she felt her first Braxton-Hicks contraction! YAHOO! So, I guess we're officially on the home stretch.... here goes nothing.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and send a quick update saying things (other than the pubic pain) are still going pretty well. We look forward to bringing little Norah home, though it's pretty scary to think about becoming a Dad. I think I realized how scared I am when I came home yesterday and Rachel was balling on the couch--snot running down her face and everything. I asked her what was wrong and she cried saying "I'm just watching A Baby Story." I laughed, and sat down with her to watch the last bit of the episode. It's just crazy to watch something like that and realize that I'm going to be in a hospital room just like that in just a few weeks. I can't wait, but man, I'm nervous. Ready or not, though, here goes.

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Tim 2 said...

Tell Rach I said to suck it up, and quit all the crying on the couch!...ok, ok I was just kidding, really...oh man don't was just a joke...ahhhh jeez...what a jerk...I am just going to go hide now!