Sunday, October 21, 2007


I know sports don't really matter very much. And I know professional baseball is easily among the most corrupt games in the sports world. But, it still sucks to be a Cleveland fan. Again.

When I was a boy, I watched the Browns come so close. Then, a little while later I watched the Cavs come so close. Then, a little while later, I watched the Indians come so close. Then, a little while later, I watched the Cavs come so close. Then, a few minutes ago, I watched the Indians come so close.

I am SO sick of "Next Year."


Christian said...

Yeah man, I know what you mean. I laid in bed listening to the very end of the radio broadcast until Tom Hamilton said "See you next year!" I think it made it worse, but I had to do it, as a good suffering Cleveland sports fan.

How soon until that baby arrives?

Sean said...

Well, you could always switch to Pittsburgh. You can stay with the Cavs and you have to deal with the Pirates who have been in a 20 year slump, but you do get the Steelers.

It's OK, nobody will know. You do not know the power of the Dark Side of the Force. Come with me together we could rule the galaxy . . .or go to the super bowl. . .

I am sure Cleveland will be a champion one day. Just remember how much sweeter victory is after the struggle.

Joshua said...

To be honest Sean, I'm not sure I would switch places with Pittsburgh right now. The Cavs are likely to make the playoffs, with all the crap the Yankees are going through, the Indians are likely to go to the playoffs again next year, and the Browns, well, they are looking like they could possibly hit the Playoffs next year.

Maybe next year... is Next Year.

Rachel Elek said...


We are 5 weeks away from the due date!! Here's hoping she comes before that!

Rachel (the wife)

Anonymous said...

This is what Cleveland fans do, they wait, they stay true to their teams and hope for next year to be the year.
Umm.... When are we getting together?


Ryan said...

I know but 12-2?

We are loving and loyal fans though, lets just all admit it