Monday, July 14, 2008

New Header!

I'm trying to spend some time working on GIMP, and used it to make the new header! I learned a lot making it, and had a good time messing around.

Rach asked me about it, so I figured I would write a quick blurb. Basically, if you stuffed my blog into an envelope, that's what I think the envelope would look like. That's all.

Ok. And I promise, no more politically charged blogging for a while.

But did you see this? I won't be responding to any comments on it, but if you didn't see this, you need to know that this is what the New Yorker put on the cover of their most recent issue. The New Yorker said it intends to hold a mirror to the face of prejudice. I see why people are upset, but I can also see why it would have seemed funny.


Darren W. Carter said...

Josh, hey what is GIMP?

Joshua said...

GIMP is The GNU Image Manipulation Program. I don't know what GNU Stands for. Basically, its a free version of Photoshop. Officially, it's an opensource photo editing and image authoring program.

It's tough to learn, but there are loads of tutorials online. And because it's free, it's a heck of a lot more affordable than the $600 Photoshop. I don't know of anything that you can do in Photoshop that you can't do in GIMP.

Joshua said...

I added a link in the post. Click on GIMP in the post, and it will take you to the site.

Darren W. Carter said...

Dude...your the man!

thanks josh