Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care Reform Predictions

I've been watching live coverage on the Health Care Reform debate in Congress all day today, and I just now went to CNN to read what was being said. What caught me (again) were the comments. I'm continually amazed at the way we disagree with one another online, but I've talked about that before, so I won't do it again.

Right now, I want to take a minute to put into writing some of the predictions that you can find online. I'll check back on these in a while to see if any of these came true. I'm just going to read through the comments on CNN's page, and write down the predictions as I find them (I had to reword some of them for the sake of space and/or coherence) I'll put them down in the order I find them, though they're separated into two categories:

Predictions Favorable to Health Care Reform:
  • allamer: Lives will be saved.
  • quaidbrown: Fewer people will die.
  • Angeles53: Americans who do not have health insurance will be able to get it.
  • sbath: Never again will a single parent have to let their child go without health care because they can't afford it.
  • irukandji: Republicans will be voted out next year.

Predictions Unfavorable to Health Care Reform:
  • mugabekills: Democracy will end. / We will all eat cat food.
  • rileyroad: Physicians will retire and/or close their doors/Pharmacies will no loner accept insurance.
  • Anothermuse: CFO's will meet across the US tomorrow and decide that it is cheaper to pay the fine per employee than it is to simply pay for Health Care, resulting in dropping health care coverage across the board.
  • samikep: President Obama will try to abolish Freedom of Speech.
  • sbath: Millions of people will waste tax-payer money.
  • Observer1234: Many states will block the bill because it is non-sense.
  • JimmyOlson: Thousands who cannot afford healthcare today will be fined tomorrow for not being able to afford healthcare.
  • Abloynes: The Democrats will rule us in the future "socialist" redistributive America. / Insurance industries will all fold and the US government will be the only Insurance company in America.
  • FKNA: The US will become a socialist nation.
  • eclemo42: You will have to pay a lot of money for a terrible plan, and be penalized on top of that.
  • df444: Democrats will be voted out next year.
  • Manc6267: The Federal Government will pay a lot of money for abortions.
  • STORYBURN: The top 2% of wealth will be dragged back into pre-Regan tax structures.
  • Ringostar123: We will have to pay all of the money we don't have.
  • globaldecay: We will become a fascist government.
I just realized I've only read through posts from the last 9 minutes. So, this isn't a picture of what everyone has to say, but I am really surprised by how sharply divided the nature of those predictions really are.

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That's A Rapp said...

My prediction is that it is going to make all of us eat copious amounts of chips and cookies to make sure we get our money's worth from the system. So, America is gonna get super sized right quick. On the bright side, airlines will be forced to give more room for each seat and then we can have leg room. Then, all the people who want to eat healthy anyway will be left to run the world when everyone has myocardial infarctions. So, I guess in that regard natural selection will be at its finest.