Thursday, June 22, 2006

US Lost

The US just lost against Ghana in the world cup today, which means they're out of the tournament. Ghana on the other hand is moving along and (I think) plays Brazil in round two. I had a severe conflict of conscience watching the game. I was rooting for the US for sure, but part of me wanted Ghana to win. It's the first time the little country has made it into the World Cup, and they are so excited that today was a national holiday in Ghana. Everyone took off to watch the game. They even went so far as to restrict the gold mines, forcing them to produce less today, so that there would be enough electricity to power the televisions people would be using to watch the game. I can't imagine what a tragedy it would have been for the US to disappoint the entire small nation, when over half of the people in our country probably didn't even know there was a game today.

Anyway, the US is out, and the patriot in me is sad. But the human being in me is very happy to see Ghana move on.


PretaMulatta said...

i expected the US 2 lose, but when i read your post, i couldnt have been happier 4 ghana, that it went down exactly the way it did.

Katie said...

did you watch the stanley cup??? do you even know what sport that is you big soccer fan?

Joshua said...

Are you serious Katie? I'm pretty sure you would have to be dead not to know that the Stanley Cup is the trophy that's been awarded in hockey for over a hundred years. Perhaps you didn't know the tradition was that old?

I looked it up online to make sure I was right. It started in 1892. Lord Stanely in Canada said to a buddy of his something like "I've been thinking, and I decided there should be some sort of trophy cup for hockey that stays with the winning team each year." Then, he bought a silver cup, and gave it to the winning team that year. Ever since, it's been the trophy for hockey. It's actually the oldest trophy in sports today. So there you go. Yeah, I knew it was for hockey, but now I know where it comes from! Thanks for helping me look into it! I love that crap.

Tim 2 said...

Who the hell is Lord Stanely, and why does he not have a sandwich named after him! Someone get the Earl on the line! PRONTO!!