Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm Back.

Ghyszmeaoux is doing fine.

I'm back, and I'm well. It was a wonderful two weeks with Rach and the rest of the CCO. I really enjoyed myself and learned a whole lot about myself, about Phillipians, and about support raising. Which is all good.

Rach and I bought a car. We ended up getting a 2001 Nissan Sentra that has 40K miles on it. It is a great little car, and was in really great shape. We got a great deal on it, though I'm not sure it was one of those amazing deals where you can turn around and sell it for more than you purchased it. In the end, it was a fair deal, and its an affordable, very reliable car. That's what we needed. Thanks for all the suggestions though, and thanks especially to Alex who was willing to give her car to me. Amazing. I am bowled over by generosity like that Alex, it was a HUGE encouragement to me to read that someone would be willing to give me something like that. I only wish Rachel and I hadn't already purchased a car before I got your email.

We got to spend some time with the McCowins, and Rach had her first Bridal Shower. (Again, I'm bowled over by the generosity people display. We got loads of stuff... I just can't believe it. I am seriously amazed at how much people are willing to give.) Rach and I got to baby sit her neice Cora for a bit on Tuesday of last week. She is just an amazing joy, and she made my second favorite photo from the past two weeks. (Below.)

CCO stuff was great. My favorite day was last Thursday. I went to class until noon. Then, I ate lunch. After lunch, I played Ultimate Frisbee for two hours, and then we played football for an hour. After that, we played Bocce for an hour, and then we set up a court and played soccer for an hour. Then we went to dinner and after that I played racquet ball for an hour. Then I went to Karaoke for a few hours and drank dollar Yeunglings. It was a fabulous day.

That should pretty much update you guys on what happened the past two weeks. Thanks for all the comments while I was gone, and I'm sorry that I couldn't post until now.

Now for the picture of Cora. Apparently she's starting what will be a wonderful career as a talk show host.

Oh, and if you are on the lookout for further evidence that Cora is the cutest thing this side of Ghyszmeaoux, just watch her give the "Uh-oh!" face in the video I shot. Enjoy!


Tim 2 said...

What are you doing to that dog! Well, I guess it is nearly finished, the only Elek not to have a dog now is Katie...Too bad I hear Steve won't let her have a dog...and Kate thinks she is in charge HA!

Katie said...

thats not true i want a dog and so does steve. we just cant afford it right now. i had a dog.... you know MY squeaky toy. and id still have her if she didnt get sick. but i also look at it like this. im the only one who has a cat, who thinks its a dog.

Katie said...

heck he even drinks out of the toilet like your dog tim. HAHAHAH and you think your in charge.

Joshua said...

Heck, I drink from the toilet. That doesn't prove anything.

Tim 2 said...

I know I am not in charge. I knew it from day one. I don't want to be in charge, I am happy to share the responsibility of being in charge with Marisa.

Mom Elek said...

Every Elek kid is competitive and likes to work in a team, as long as everyone is following their idea. You may want to deny it, but you cannot help it. You come by it naturally - obviously from Dad. We all know he is subordinate only to pets and toddlers.

Jim Elek said...

Hey Josh, do you want my car? Oh wait, you already bought one? Too bad!! Atleast I offered though. If you hadn't bought a car, I could have given you one of mine. It is almost paid off and I wouldn't have minded paying the note on it for you. But wait, you said you just bought a new car, didn't you? Oh yeah, that's right, you did. Atleast I can walk around now all full of myself and my awesome display of generosity. I am so good at being generous. I am the best at being generous there is!!! If anyone would like to start a charity/generosity contest, please let me know. I think that I could win the charity/generosity contest hands down, and we all know that when it comes to charity/generosity the most important thing is winning. Well winning and feeling superior. Those two things along with holding it over other people's heads that you were and still are so generous/charitable. That's what it is all about. I feel great about myself!!!!!!!!