Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

I wasn't going to post today, because it's my birthday and I didn't want to bring unnecessary attention to that fact, but a lot of you have called me today to wish me a happy birthday. Thanks! I didn't get any of the messages until a few minutes ago... my phone is really sucking now. And, I just got an email from Marisa wishing me a happy birthday. I wrote her the following response, which works well as a post for today.

Here's the email:


Thanks for the email. I've had a really great birthday today. Rachel came by and surprised me last night, so she got to spend the night in our new apartment! This morning, we exchanged gifts (she combined my birthday and my wedding gift.) She got me a pair of morrocan clay lap congas... and I copied the book of Psalms into a journal for her. Then we went to Second Cup (my favorite place in Wheeling... a coffee shop downtown). After that we walked around downtown a bit looking at antiques stores, and some lady told me that I got ripped off big time on Rachel's engagement ring (though I don't know she knew what she was talking about.) Rach had to take off for work, and I went into the office for a while. They didn't know it was my birthday in the office, and I'm not really one to advertise, but it seems as though yesterday was Nora's birthday, because we got ice cream cake and sodas and took a few minutes out to celebrate Nora's birthday. So I got to eat some birthday cake on my birthday! I didn't bother to tell them it was my birthday because I didn't want them to feel stupid, which would have been inevitable in those circumstances.

After the office, I worked on my bookshelf. I sanded down all the shelves, and then stained the whole thing with tongue oil. Now, I've ordered myself a Pizza, and I'm going to watch some TV, drink a few beers, and eat too much Pizza.

Thanks for the email... and you should know... I've pretty much decided now that I'm going to copy this and post it as my blog posting for today. Alright! See you soon!




Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Utah, eh. Lookin' forward to seein' y'all next week.

Your future brother-in-law (once removed?)


Tim 2 said...

Josh, happy friggin birthday...

I hope you find an extra $5.00 in some jacket you haven't worn in awhile. If you do, consider it put there by me for your birthday!!!


Tim 2 said...

Oh! and! DAVENPORT!!! birthday boy!

joeldaniel said...

happy birthday josh...

and it was most fantastic to see you the other night at the game. looking forward to catching up properly at some staff seminar in the future.

and pre-emptive congratulations on your wedding. pre-emptive congratulations seem much more harmonious that pre-emptive strikes.

Artsy22 said...

tony told me about your blog. happy birthday josh! and so excited for you and your upcoming wedding. congrats.

Mandy Steward

Jim Elek said...

It was your birthday? Holy crap!! Oh yeah, Maggie is dead.....happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Josh!!! Wish I could be in town next week!!! :( Talk to you later!

Joshua said...

Andrew- Thanks for the Happy Birthday Eh?! I'm sorry about the luggage thing, that sucks. You probably won't read this until much, much later. Oh well.

Tim- I didn't find $5, but I did happen to find an old copy of your social security card, and managed to steal your identity to finance a few small purchases for myself. I'll be pulling up to the church in my new F150 Fighter Jet.

Tim Again- Actually a Davenport is a very small porch in Tennessee.

Joel- Great to see you too! I'm really glad you'll be working with the CCO. I'm sure the work you do is going to have a huge impact on people... I mean it already is...

Mandy- I miss you. I hope we get to see each other again soon. Be well.

Jim- Maggie died. Jerk.

Alex- I wish you could be in town as well... it is going to be really fun. Oh well, we'll see each other again sometime soon.