Monday, July 10, 2006

Maggie Wraggle Taggle

Tim's Blog reminded me that I had not posted my memorial to Maggie. I wrote it a while ago, and forgot to post it. So, here's the belated memorial:

Mistress Maggie Wraggle Taggle

My Thirteenth birthday present, Friend of small dogs, Sworn enemy of Deer, Sworn enemy of Squirrels, Sworn enemy of Collars, Sworn enemy of nail clippers, Sworn enemy of leaves blowing across the front yard, Sworn enemy of Mrs. Farinacci's big ol' hairy dog, Attacker of windowsills, Conquerer of restraints, Shaker of Ropes, Shaker of Skunks, Burier of food, Explorer of far off reaches of untold ravines, Lover of High Fives, and Obeyer of untold "Be Ashamed"s, took her final breath last Saturday and now lays neath the American Bud in the back yard where she spent more than forty percent of her waking life.

She was a good dog who gave me five on her deathbed. I'll miss that soft blonde afro, I'll miss the compassionate teddy bear that used to sleep by the door waiting for someone, anyone to let her outside.

Good Girl Wrags. Sleep tight.


Katie said...


Tim 2 said...

Crazy how our family is just nuts about dogs...I think we always had one, or two...some of us even have three!

Joshua said...

That's just crazy. Three dogs?!!