Friday, July 27, 2007

Peppers, A Gringo, and Baby Snails

Added July 23, 2008:

Yes, I had baby snails living in my back for a week. I think it's gross too.

Apparently, this photo is my fifteen minutes of fame. It's ok. I think it's funny. I just noticed today that the picture of the baby snails living in my back is the number one Google image result when people search for snails or baby snails. If you're here because you're curious about that, read on. Basically, I went swimming in a gross camp pond and got snails in my back. It's called swimmer's itch. They cleared up in a few weeks, and all is better now. But if you want feel free to read on. If you're just looking for pictures of snails, check this out. Or, you can feel free to use the picture I took of a snail while we were in Bryson City. (Below) There are actually some other pretty pictures on that post. Go here if you want to check them out. Feel free to buzz around my blog while you're here if you want to. Of course, I won't be offended if you don't. But I will hunt you down and vomit baby snails into your back fat.

Right. On to the original post:

Ok, so we are leaving for Byrson City, NC for a week with Babs and Carrie. I wanted to leave you with a few things to ruminate on while we are gone.

1. We found an Indian Grocery store here in Wheeling. It's run by a man named Hari (Pronounced hah-DEE). He offers Indian cooking classes which we'll be participating in sometime soon. In those classes I am almost guaranteed how to make something that is Indian Super Yum.

2. Damian bought me some Dosa mix from the Indian Grocery for my birthday this year. I have been making these Dosas and I love them. They are pretty much, Super Yum. I like to serve them with potato curry, and rice. (I put carrots and green beans in with the potato curry to make that super yum.)

3. I like to serve those Dosas with a bit of Hot Pepper paste made from these incredibly hot peppers that I buy at the Indian Grocery. They are freaking hot, and Super Yum.

4. I turned those hot peppers into a lovely super-friggin-hot-sauce that I pretty much put on everything now. It's good, and... you guessed it... Super Yum.

5. Remember this?

Yeah. Turns out, there were tiny snails in that water. One of those tiny snails bit my back and vomited eggs into my back. Those eggs then hatched and tiny snail larvae swam in my back. They died (because the tiny baby snails can't live in people blood. They can only live in duck blood.) and now my body is having a mild allergic reaction to those baby snails that is very similar to a poison ivy outbreak. The rash is constrained to this small area, but it gets pretty annoying. The rash will disappear in a few days without any medical treatment, and I don't have to do anything and it's not threatening at all. Just a fun story about baby snails living in my back. Apparently all that Indian food has made me super yum.


Jim Elek said...

Josh this was a very interseting post. If I didn't know that was your back due to the placement of the tatoo, I would have thought that was your booty, because of the shadowing or because I am a foul minded person. Btw, I think super yum is a sort of fruity expression.

Tim 2 said...

I agree with Jim on the super yum thing...however baby snails being vomited cancels out the super you should be safe, as long as you have baby snail larvae rash on your back or whatever.


Anonymous said...

I got bit in the face by this spider and unbenonced to it laid eggs. the other night while i was asleep these small spiders came crawling out of my face. IT WAS YUM.

I still think your kids middle name should be Jeremy.

Katie said...


Edmund said...

remember how you wanted to the guy you wanted to kick in the teeth? yeah the one at beer.blogspot

he is still on the site, and has only posted twice!! i wanted to have a site reviewing beers, but noooo. whoever this " Rolf Irgens" person is needs to be dealt with

Ryan said...

Joshua! Jess and I just ate some Indian food outside of Indianapolis the other day, it was so good!

Can I come over for some Indian food I love it!!

Just saying hi from Indiana

lots of love bro

Joshua said...


You should both come over! I'd love to make some for you!!!! Come! Come!

kumar said...

hi josh,do the larvae moved before they would have been cool to watch em wriggle on someones back. BTW Hari spoken is like Ha-Ree.I was searching for snail lteeth, and found yer blog. have fun, from far -India

Joshua said...

I just learned that this post is the source of about 100 hits on my blog each week. I have made an addition to the beginning of the post to address what I think is a typically funny circumstance of my life.