Friday, November 16, 2007

Joe Biden... wow...

Just a quick note: I'm a Barack supporter, and in this race I've been swaying between Barack, Edwards, and Clinton. But... I'm sitting in my apartment right now watching Sen. Joe Biden give some GREAT answers. I don't like his position on not giving licenses to undocumented immigrants, but I have been REALLY impressed by his answers throughout this whole debate. Edwards seems to be grasping and raking the grass hoping to hang on, and I seriously heard Clinton say: "No, I"m not playing the gender card. I have talked to so many 95 year old women who say they were alive when women couldn't vote. I want to let them see the first woman President." (Uhhh... wha?) I just want to say it before the commentators do at the end of this debate. Overall, the person winner of this debate? Joe Biden. Hands down.

Joe Biden has impressed me, here are my thoughts on Biden:
  • I don't like his position on refusing to give driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants.
  • I like his foreign policy understandings. A lot.
  • I like his attention to Pakistan, and his knowledge about what's going on there.
  • I like his ability to debate according to the rules, and the fact that he never once fought with the facilitator.
  • I don't like the way he skirted around the Health Care Reform questions.
  • I LOVED what he had to say about Iraq.
  • I like how he portrayed himself tonight over all.
I need to look more into him, but after tonight, it's not about Hillary or Barack for me any more. Now, its about Barack or Biden. Hillary sounded rewarmed, biting, and unwilling to listen.


Joshua said...

P.S. The last question of the debate was directed toward Hillary Cinton. The question: "Do you prefer Diamonds or pearls?"

As if it isn't assinine enough that the question was asked, Hillary's answer was worse. Her answer?

"Both." *big smile*

Way to go Hillary. I can't wait to not vote for you.

Sean said...

Yeah, for whatever the reason, Hillary really rubs me the wrong way. She seems like the kind of lady that I would be destined to be at odds with. If I knew her personally, She would be another in a long line of women who have felt the need to power struggle against me. I've got her dead weight right here.

If you connect to my buddy Tim's blog (if you have nothing to do, like have a baby) he has a post from the other day with a link to a political survey that you take and it matches your answers with the presidential candidate that matches you. It was rather interesting, because I am pretty partial to Obama, or so I think, but my survey pointed me towards John McCain.

I basically lean to the right of nuetral on most moral issues and a little further fiscally. It was rather eye opening.

Ange said...

I think if our country elects Hilary as president just because she is a woman, I might just have to move to Canada or Ireland or some other fun place...I don't really follow politics all that much, but I know that I DO NOT want Hilary as president. BLAH!

Good luck with Baby Norah...I'm praying for you guys!

Tim & Deane said...

I am sooooo glad you decided to objectively listen to Hillary Clinton.n If more of the country did so, I doubt she would be in the running at all.

Still I am glad that we live in a time when a woman and an African American can both be serious contenders. I just wish women had a better representative.