Wednesday, November 21, 2007

RE: Chris Kinglestein

Recently we had a visitor stop by with the following comment:

I would like it if the entire blog was about candy canes and Christmas lights please.

Thank you in advance...

Chris Kringlestein

It's funny Mr. Kringlestein, that you should ask. One, because your name sounds very Jewish, and you want Christmas stuff up. I'll throw in some Channukah for you as well.

But also because it isn't yet Thanksgiving. Every where I look, stores, TV, Malls, everyone has finally completely blown past Thanksgiving and moved on to Christmas. There have been four cities nearby who had lighting ceremonies already. And I am sad. I love Thanksgiving. It has long been one of my favorite holidays, and yet, the holiday is being railroaded by the commercialization of Christmas. Why? Because stores make a heck of a lot more money off of candy canes and stockings than they do off of cranberry sauce and turkey. I'm sad about that. I wish our culture spent more time on Thanksgiving, both the holiday, and the attitude.

I know that this won't change, and I know that this steady pace closer and closer to Halloween will only continue. But I wonder when it will stop. I thought that there would never be a time when Christmas ceremonies took place before Thanksgiving, but I'm clearly wrong. Now, I wonder, will there ever be Christmas ceremonies before Halloween? Is that crazy? Or is that the future?


Anonymous said...

I agree it is ridiculous, I too miss Thanksgiving celebrations.

Do they still do the parade in NY? I mean that used to be a really big deal back in the day.

Kristoph Cringlesteinapolis

Joshua said...

We actually watched the entire parade on TV here in Wheeling. (Well, we didn't watch the whole thing, but it was on TV until it was over.) It was fun to watch my neice enjoying the parade the way I used to when I was a kid.