Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Riding the Train, come on ride the train, choo choo ride it!

Did I ever mention that the trains in Chicago have lots of nice colors associated with them.

Now, if you are intending to go to the south side, and your brother tells you make SURE you get on the green line that says 63rd on the outside, I highly advise looking at your brother like he is nuts, and when he says, it is easier than you figure..."does this guy take me for an idiot or what!?"

So uhhh, yeah take the Harlem one by accident it makes life more interesting.

Oh, and the Brown Line to the loop is on the near side of the platform at the merch mart, in case you were wondering.

Did I mention I love Indian food, and my amazingly awesome brother took me to the bestest Indian place I have ever been in my entire life and we go the special dinner for two and we had tons and tons of Nan and I ate the shrimp right off the top and the chicken was soo goooooood and I then ate lots of delicious rice pudding and farted on the plane the whole way home!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yipppieeeeeeeee Woooot! PING!!!!


Tim 2 said...

Wow Josh, I didn't realize how exciting your adventures in Chicago were.

Happy Rice Pudding Day!

Seriously I was glad you came here, I needed family around. It made this week much easier.

Joshua said...

Thanks for posting on my blog tim. Now I don't have to post.

P.S. UChicago was amazing. More later.

Tim 2 said...

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that...I hope you are not mad...did you check the beer blog by chance?

uhhh next time I should really think things through first.

Joshua said...

No worries Tim. I'm only trying to apply to what has been the most prestigious University for the study of the History of Religions in the world for the past one hundred years.

Seriously though... I'm not mad. I never was mad, and I thought it was funny. If you were down here, and used my puter, and left your log-in on, I can't guarantee I'd have been as nice...

Joshua said...

P.S. Sen. Joe Biden is really impressing me on the CNN Nevada Debates right now.