Monday, April 28, 2008

My Cell Phone

So, I accidentally jumped into a creek and floated in a children's swimming pool for a half hour with my phone in my pocket. Which means, I don't currently have a phone. Luckily, I'm due for a new phone if I sign up for another two year Verizon contract. But, the thing is, I'm not interested in a new contract. In fact, I have such miserable luck with phones, I think I've decided I won't be getting a new phone contract just yet. I'm going to go without a phone for a while and get a new one later. I'm a little sick of cell phones right now, and part of me is looking forward to not being available at all times, everywhere I go. (Not that I want to avoid people, I'm just looking somewhat forward to simplifying a bit in that way.) So for those of you with my number in your phones, it's going to be changed by the time I decide to go ahead and get a new phone. So, unless I get some change of spirit right away, that Joshua Cell number you have in your phone... yeah, it's going to be obsolete in a few days.

If you want me, you can call Rachel's phone, or our apartment.

For those of you who don't know, the following details my cell phone history:

1. First phone. Drop in sink while shaving. Don't realize that it's in the sink full of water until I'm done shaving and I empty the sink. That's when I find the phone there... oops. Order a new phone, which arrives the next day. Meanwhile, the phone I dropped in the sink starts working again.

2. Replacement phone from shaving phone. Drop so many times that the back won't stay on by itself. When I finally replace that phone, the back is taped on.

3. This phone dies constantly the whole time I have it. Shuts down all the time, complete junk. Finally dies because I accidentally go swimming with it in my pocket.

4. Motorola Q. POS. Craps out constantly. Try to get a new phone and find out that keeping it in my pocket has exposed it to enough moisture to ruin the phone. (?) Yeah, that's what they told me.

5. Rachel's old phone. (I'm not about to buy a new phone after my Q dies, so I activate Rachel's old phone.) This one lasts me two months before I jump into a creek and float in a raft with it in my pocket for about a half hour. Oops.

So, maybe it's not so much luck as it is pure absent mindedness. Oh well... I'm still not going to have a cell phone for a little while. If you need our apartment number, feel free to email me.


Carrie Babcock said...

Maybe you should not be allowed to have a phone...Ha, Ha, Ha

Sean said...

yeah, I have never heard the pocket moisture thing. Maybe you just produce a lot of tea.

Tim 2 said...

Lets talk about walkmen and iPods next please?

Joshua said...

For your information TIM. I have an iPod Shuffle that I purchased four years ago, and, oh wait. It's broke.