Friday, April 11, 2008

Rice Cereal!

Just one picture of Branden, Rach and I during our visit to U Chicago last weekend. I liked being on Campus with Branden, because he doesn't take himself too seriously. So, he and I could walk around a campus full of stuffed shirts speaking Franish.

Now, on to the goods.

Norah had her first go at having her teeth brushed yesterday. Which is funny, because she doesn't have teeth. But we have this little rubber thimble thingy that you can put banana flavored toothpaste on. (Yes, banana flavored toothpaste. I tasted it, and it really does taste like bananas. Someone should talk to Crest, because banana flavored toothpaste is amazing.)

I tried it out on her the other day. Apparently, as soon as you stick that rubber thimble thing in her mouth, she achieves Nirvana. She absolutely LOVES it. It's hard to get her to quit chomping down on my finger and when you take it out, she looks at you like you just killed Christmas. After observing Norah's deep seated oral stage fixation, I'm pretty sure she's going to be a dentist, or a smoker. Here's a picture of the gum massaging.

In other news, Norah has reached that tender-loving age of four months. Which means, the Doctor told us to start giving her rice cereal from a spoon. As you can see, she hasn't entirely warmed up to the idea of solid foods. (Though I would hardly call that stuff "solid.")

Now, you might think that after four months of drinking every meal, she would look forward to something a little different. I mean, if I ate milk and only milk every day for half a year... I'd be lovin' on some rice cereal. But no... Norah seems to like consistency, and that means "Get that friggin goo draped rubber coated spoon thingy OUT OF MY MOUTH!"

One tablespoon of Rice Cereal. (Yes. One tablespoon.) Took just under forty-five minutes to get down. And we only managed to get half of it in. We tossed the other half down the sink.

Hopefully, the idea will grow on her soon because I don't think she'll make many friends bringing a bottle of pureed salami sandwiches to the high school cafeteria.

Here are pictures:

Check out our Flickr page for more photos of the UChicago trip, the Late Night Breakfast we had at Vance Church, and Norah's Cereal escapade.

I'll close with a picture of Norah as she sits right now. And yes, she will sit there in that same spot until the Indians win the World Series.


Tim 2 said...

Man she is getting so big, those are some really funny faces Norah is making.

I want banana flavored toothpaste as well.

I cannot wait to come visit you guys in Chicago!

Jim Elek said...

how about boob flavored toothpaste? makes sense for little babies and for dirty oldish men like me. i wish i was in the toothpaste business. i like bananas too, but....... say "what up?" to norah for me. later

Adam T. Babcock said...

I'm a little confused...
Shouldn't the baby go on top of the afghan that goes on top of the DAVENPORT? I think that the Indians will only win if the afghan is placed in its proper spot.

Go Tribe and Go banana flavored toothpaste.

Joshua said...

Oh Babs, that's not the Davenport that's the couch.

The Davenport has blue stripes. No worries, Norah's not allowed on the Davenport because she pukes so much.

Jim Elek said...

i like how some people who post comments on this blog are ignored while others are responded to quickly. how i long to be part of the elite.....i guess that's why they say you can pick your friends but you are forced into families. oh well, i was sort of blogged out anyways, peace out.

Joshua said...

Oh Jim... don't go getting all sappy on me now.

Norah said...

unkl jimbo. dad telled me yu that said hi. back hi to yu.

Tim & Deane said...

If she hates rice pudding and loves banana flavored toothpaste, are you allowed to try banana flavored pudding?