Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Perfect Engineering Feat

Now, the following picture might not look that amazing to you... but if you are a dad, you'll look at the picture, smack yourself in the face, shout "Amazing!" at the top of your lungs, and fall down on the floor pounding your face on the ground for not having thought of it. (I warned you.)
THAT'S RIGHT! I managed to take Norah's currently favorite teething-rattle-shakey-rubber-ball-shaped-mouth-massage-thingy and hook it up to a Gordian Knot made of a chain of, uh, chains... and hooked those onto her Bumbo tray. Now, she can sit in the Bumbo, play with her teething-rattle-you-get-the-idea-thingy forever. She can't drop it! She can't hit herself in the face really hard with it! And, she can still get it in her mouth if she bends forward. Oh... pure golden bliss.

I finally finished this engineering masterpiece, plumped it down in front of Norah and read Harry Potter while she sat content in her Boppy shaking and sucking on things for a long, long, loooong time. And I didn't have to pick anything up, or take anything away for fear of her hurting herself. I'm breathing deep sighs of gratitude for my own brilliance as I write this.

In other news... Norah was baptized last weekend! As anyone who really cares about us has already read Rachel's post, I'm not going to write much about that. I'm exceptionally glad that she got to spend time with her family, and have been thinking a lot about Baptism lately as a result. But seeing as most people don't want to read about my thoughts on Baptism... I'm just going to move on from there.

I'll close with the image that is up on Rachel's blog right now. (Though I decided to enhance the image for my blog, because I want to be better than her.)

Of course, now that I've posted it, I'm not sure it's better than the one on Rachel's Blog. So, I'll let you all decide. Which layout is better?

Layout A

Layout B

Oh, and last thing... Rach, Norah and I were walking around Campus when we came across some flowering crabapple trees. They were really pretty and smelled like perfume, so we went under them for a minute or two. I bumped a branch and flower petal started falling down. So naturally, I grabbed a hold of the branch and started to shake until it was snowing white flower petals. Norah was entranced. Here's a picture.


Rachel Elek said...


Joshua said...

Just to set the record straight... I made both layouts, I just posted one on Rachel's Blog and the other on mine. So I'm still winning.

Though she is packing right now, so I guess she's better than me.

Norah said...

HAY! Me has make layowt so too. Look at blog by me!!! Best!

Carrie Babcock said...

I prefer (A) because it tells what everything is.

Sean said...


A funny thing would be to guess which layout all your friends would pick. I would have definitely pegged Carrie for A, As she is masterful at proper organizational superiority. I personally prefer B as it saves time reading.

Tim & Deane said...

It doesn't matter which layout we like because it will all be dictated by how easy it is for Norah to get around without bumping into sharp corners. So.... I prefer the picture of Norah in a shower of flower petals. She looks beautiful.