Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Reaction to the Results and the Results of the Results

Of course, I am exceedingly excited about the results from last night. And, I am very impressed by McCain's speech. I would like to applaud John McCain for that speech, and I hope that his supporters will be able to get fully behind the country under a candidate they did not want in the White House. I understand how McCain's supporters must feel, and am glad to see that the majority of those supporters are taking the loss with a measure of patriotism that accepts when Americans disagree. Let me say very quickly how disgusted I was to see the response on one conservative blog which featured a photo of a nuclear explosion. I won't mention the blogger by name, and won't link to the site. But I am dismayed to see such a disappointing reaction. Disagree, that's fine. But... disgusting. Hopefully, some of us will get better at being able to disagree without such gross measures of vilification.

The vast majority of conservatives I have talked to or listened to have responded gracefully, and I am confident that the graceful reaction is the majority response by McCain's supporters.

At any rate, I'm glad and sad that the election is over. I'm glad because it was stressful for me. I was very emotionally involved in this election, and put a lot of energy into concerning myself with the election. I'm glad the stress of waiting for the outcome is over. And, I'm sad because, I'll be honest, I enjoyed the campaign. Part of me really enjoyed not knowing what was going to happen, and talking about the election with people on the internet and in class and outside of class. I enjoyed being a part of the Great American Peaceful Revolution, and I'm very pleased with our country right now.

Now that the election is over, I wanted to put a post out there to bring you to a website that I think is funny.

It's called Jake and Amir Dot Com, and well, I just think it's funny. Careful though, the one guy tends to swear a lot. If that bothers you, don't go. If it doesn't, I thought Vote! was funny, and so was Ballgame. Hope you enjoy it. If you think it's stupid, then... yeah. You're right. It's kinda stupid.


phil m said...

I am glad its over too, but incredibly happy and inspired. I think I may actually be proud to be an American.

Tim 2 said...

Well, I guess that proves that we can move beyond the fear and war mongering of the last 8 years, and use our brains to solve problems. Hopefully we can stop trying to hit the rest of the world over the head with a hammer, and get back to doing what is right.

Now if the politicians on the right would just come to the realization that Obama is not as Radically far left as they think...the reality is they have moved so far to the right that they have lost touch with where the center is.

Now lets hope the Democrats learn and don't do the opposite.

Somewhere in the middle of the two extremes...

Tim & Deane said...

I have a lot of thoughts on this subject. Forgive me for the disjointedness of this reply. My thoughts are all bundled up, but here they are:

1) Though Obama and McCain had differing platforms and agendas, neither of them are extremists. Our country desperately needs a prudent, thoughtful, centrist platform that pursues unity.

That is why Republican voters are better able to rally around patriotic flagpole for their new President Elect - because he is not an angry leftist nor arrogant rightist.

2) Extremism is often a reaction to extremism; and it usually provokes anger, hostility, seperation and disharmony.

3) Just because something is popular doesn't make it right.

Similarily, because the course ahead is terribly difficult does not justify taking a more expedient solution.

I am a person who believes that one day the American people will say, "This may be difficult, but we cannot continue to usurp the lives of the unborn in favor of the personal or economic comfort of another. We abolish legalized abortions." That view makes me a rightist on that particular subject.

Documents and manuscripts indicate Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin held similar thoughts regarding the abolition of slavery.

In the same way, I get sick at the thought of war. My kids will tell you I have uncontrollable physical reactions to any insinuation of violence in the movies or on TV. My non-violent stance makes me a leftist on that subject.

I beleive in "One for All." That makes me a rightist. And, I believe in "All for One." That makes me a leftist.

I believe in individual rights. That makes me a leftist. I also believe the rights of the individual are subject to the safety and security of the society. That makes me a rightist.

Stop the angry words.

Stop pigeonholing.

Listen for the voice of reason.