Saturday, November 08, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

I went to school this morning, and Norah was "walking" as you may have seen in the video on Rachel's blog.

I stayed late at school working on a paper and some Hebrew homework in the Library. I took the bus home because it was dark already, and made a stop at CVS for some Tylenol and some Mentos (and a pack of M&Ms for Rach) and walked home. When I got to our apartment and opened the door, imagine my surprise to hear Rachel say "Walk to papa!"

Yeah. Right.

Then, I turned the corner, and Norah was WALKING TO PAPA. Whoa.

I seriously left this morning and she couldn't take more than a few steps. When I got home, she was straight up walking to me. (Now, she still plops down quite a bit, but the difference is remarkable.)

So, of course, we took a video. Unfortunately neither Rachel nor I thought about how irritating it would be to listen to two people whistling for five minutes... you just don't quite realize how annoying something is until you record it. Oh well.

Here's the video:


Jim Elek said...


phil & allie mollenkof said...

So FUN!!! You guys have GOT to get a new song to whistle though...

Nora S. said...

tears in my eyes...I had a smile on my face the whole time I watched the video. I miss you guys soooo much!!! GREAT JOB NORAH!!

Tim & Deane said...

We were cheering Norah and smiling and crying and thinking we should have invested in whistling lessons.

Yeah!!!! Norah!!!!!

Marzipan said...

Awesome! I was cheering for her!