Thursday, April 27, 2006


So, I've been thinking about blogging recently. I started this whole blog thing as an attempt to say things that I wanted other people to hear. I did that for about a year. I was a town crier, shouting about things that I didn't like, or trying to challenge people to think about things that I found important. For a year, I had very limited readership on my blog. During that time, I promised not to make my blog become a diary. To those of you for whom that promise meant something, I apologize for the past few weeks. For the past few weeks, this blog has been an attempt to get people to like my blog as much as my brother's.

Many people enjoyed reading my blog when it was nothing but political rants and ravings. Of those people, I think a substantial amount were less interested in what I had to say, and more interested in checking to see if I had updated it or not. When they saw that I had they went on their merry way without reading anything. Or they would scroll down and see that there was a lot to read, and then go on their merry way without reading anything. To that portion of my readership I say, "Why did you waste all that time?"

Then there were those who read my blog because they know me, and just wanted to see what was going on with me. To you I apologize. My blog for the past year and a bit told you little to nothing about myself. This blog told you very little about what was going on in my life, and told you instead that I get the New York Times in my email every day.

In short, for the past year and a bit, this blog was my attempt to sound more learned, more important, and more educated than I really am.

Then, everything changed. My big brother started a blog. It was an overnight success. Everyone joined in. Everyone was posting comments and reading his (long) posts. Needless to say, I was instantly jealous. Here I had been blogging for over a year, with little to no evidence that anyone was reading what I wrote. Tim wrote one post and people all over Ohio were drooling as they ran to the Internet.

I initially thought it was because people wanted to encourage him. Then, he kept blogging, and people kept commenting. Then I thought people were coming because he has pretty pictures. (Which I think is partly true.) But I recently realized that people were reading Tim's blog because he was capturing his audience. He was saying: This is what's going on in my life. Tim was telling a story.

That's what people want. People want stories. My blog was not much more than a liberal incarnation of the Baptist preacher screaming hellfire on a box in town square. Tim was telling a story.

That is what I am going to try to do from now on. To those of you who enjoyed my senseless rantings and ravings about things, I expect these types of posts to surface now and again, but I wouldn't check here everyday expecting one. To those of you who want this to serve as a diary of things I have done, I will not lead you astray. It remains my goal to not have a blog which is merely a diary.

My attempt now is to tell a story, but a story with meaning. I will be trying from here on out to use my blog to have fun, and to talk about the things in my life that are leading me to think aboud deeper issues. I will talk about my time spent at Sister Constance's this Saturday, and I'll let you know what being around Wheeling's homeless makes me think about.

For those of you that managed to read this whole post... without pictures... thank you. I'm honored. To those of you that haven't read this whole post... yeah, oh well. Whatever.


JR said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of narrative theology - kind of.

Bob Robinson said...


I'm looking forward to that, but please don't curb your urge to do a political rant here and there!!

Katie said...

well im honored that your honored. also i didnt even know that you had a blog. heck i didnt even have your email for a while there. but i just wanted to let you know that i got an email from tim about his and then got one from every week from there on out...

also how did you get the brothers links on there? i got yours but i cant get anyone eleses.

The Once and Future Brian said...

Josh, thank you for your honesty. I appreciate that more than anything. Although I am looking forward to stories...

It's interesting how we are so self-aware when we blog, no? We know that we are posting private thoughts on the internet - to an audience. So we try to jazz ourselves up a bit. But then we stop being honest. And it defeats the purpose of people having access to our innermost life. So be honest. Write about whatever you want. Stories, rants, yo-yos, chicken pox, whateva. Because ultimately, this is a form of expression for you.

I'm telling this to you, but I'm also telling it to me, because I'm the same way. I just appreciate you addressing it.

adam said...

I agree with Bob. You are more learned than you give yourself credit for.

It's just balance. I've come to believe everything in life is seeking the equilibrium.

So I want some of column a and some of column b.

But it's your blog :)


Joshua said...


I just copied your HTML document, and tried to update it with all of our blog URLs. Then I realized that you've already managed to do this.

Good job.


I'm glad you said what you did. Especially because I REALLY like your blog. Frankly, one of the things that I want to do a better job of is being lighthearted and funny, like you.


Tim 2 said...

Well, I am flustered...I pretty much created the blog so that I could easily keep people up to date on whats going on, so when I come in town it is like I have been there the whole time. I really miss the fam and blogging just seemed like the natural thing to do.

Just be Josh, don't worry about sounding uber intelligent. It shines through in your humour and everyday discussion when you are just being yourself.

Besides, I have never been able to rip on Dostoevsky with anyone else who actually understood my frustration with Letters from the Underground! (NOW WHO IS BRAGGING ABOUT SHIT HE READ!?)

Joshua said...

Okay, fine.... now I'm going to buy me a whore and drink myself unconscious so that I'll be happier.

Oh, I'm so depressed.

The Once and Future Brian said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Josh - I will try to keep the destructive power of this Laugh Factory fully operational.

The Once and Future Brian said...

p.s. I like your blog too. I especially have a case of banner-envy.