Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Rachel and I have a new puppy!

Well, more accurately, Rachel and I have a puppy that my Mom and Dad are going to keep for two years while we live in the dorms. Then Ghyszmeauo (Rachel wants to spell it "Gizmo" but I think that's boring) is going to move in with us! So... in two years... Rachel and I have a new puppy!

Here's the story:

My brother Jeremy breeds Boston Terriers on the side. It's something that he enjoys doing, and gets a small profit from. Well, he has a bitch named Ollie. A few months ago, Jeremy studded his bitch and she whelped six pups. (Doesn't doggie pregnancy sound brutal?)

Ghyszmeauo is the one on the far left...
it looks like she has her face pressed against the cage.

Five of the pups were purchased, and one has been left over because she has a hernia. No one wants to buy this sweet little cute little darling little bitch, and when Rachel and I were home for Easter, we both fell in love with her. Of course, we can't have a dog here at WJU because we live in the dorm, (though I'm going to try to talk my boss into it... I am sure to fail) so my parents are going to watch her for the first two years. That should be pretty good because my parents are good about training dogs for the most part. I can't wait to have her here every now and then, and I am really excited to get to spend time with her when I go home for short stints. Rachel is as excited as ever because she loves that little pup so much.

I really can't get enough of my we little girls!

So... here are some photos.

Seriously... she is JUST too much. How CUTE!


Anonymous said...

It's nice that you use all of the proper terms in your explaination, but it really through me a little.

I love this little one and am glad she is ours!


Christian said...

My mom has bred collies for years. Growing up hearing "bitch" and "dam" spoken to all of her "dog friends" on the phone was quite interesting. I mean, us kids weren't allowed to use those words. It was pretty embarassing having friends over sometimes.

"No, it's ok, she's talking about dogs."

Joshua said...

I know... I grew up in the same environment and I use the word bitch a lot when I'm talking about female dogs... it throws people off.

Tim 2 said...

I am telling, you swore! You said Bitch and giggled in your mind. You know you are not supposed to swear, and since you thought it was funny in your mind, and never really typed what great satisfaction you gained in sinning by typing bitch over and over you are still sinning cause you did it in your mind while you typed it! You are not getting away with it! I will have you know! Somewhere someone is keeping track of it all! And on day....ahh screw it...

Mom Elek said...

Gizmo is bouncing and running and teasing and cuddling. We take her out of her crate and right outside to "do her business." Then she heads right back into the house. She's training quickly. Just one little "accident" over the weekend.

She ABSOLTELY IS the cutest little thing, and getting quite energetic, bold and strong now that there is no competition for food. We have to get her some chew toys, and a little collar and leash.

Tim Jr., as far as referring to Gizmo as a bitch, that would be the correct term. Adding "son of" would be sinning because Gizmo is a female, and that would be a lie, which of course is a sin.

Josh, I feel it necessary to spell her name G_I_Z_M_O because however you spelled it is just too hard for me to remember. Your spelling seems to be a derivative of Greek and/or Latin, and WAY more than my brain can retain.

While we're discussing it, there are lots of names to pick from. You don't have to stick with the one Jer and Charlene gave her. I suggest you come home for a visit again and watch her personality a little more before you finalize a name (which needs to be spelled in ENGLISH - AMERICAN ENGLISH). Maybe your bloggers would like to suggest names. What about a contest - "Name Josh and Rachel's Puppy" contest. First prize can be a week of foster parenting the little bitch.