Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Top 10 Reasons people hate Christians.

I've been thinking lately about Christianity, and wondering why people are so turned off to it. Here are some reasons I think people don't like Christians. (Keep in mind, these are all generalizations, but these are generalizations that I think all Christians are responsible for.)

1. Christians are judgemental. Christians live their lives according to strict do and don't guidelines and expect other people to do the same. Christians say that people who do not live in fear of this strict laundry list of sins will burn in Hell.

2. Christians are unforgiving. Christians preach about Christ who died on the cross for our sins, but maintain that Christ only forgives Christians for their sins. He does not forgive non-Christians for anything. Instead, Christ remembers every sin a non-Christian has ever committed and judges non-Christians for the same sins Christians are forgiven for.

3. Christians are hypocritical. Christians sin a lot. Christians slap silver Jesus fish on the backs of their cars, and then cut people off, swear and honk their horns and flip people off. If you offend a Christian's religion, he or she will respond in anger often yelling at you for disrespecting God, and will frequently remind you that he or she is going to Heaven.

4. Christians assume that you are going to Hell. Non-Christians see evangelism in three ways: Pastors standing on a box downtown reading from the Bible telling people that they are going to Hell, Christians passing people at the gas station with a glib statement such as "I want you to know that Jesus loves you and wants you to ask him into your heart." or the handing out of tracts (poorly written, poorly illustrated, shallow comics that reduce all humanity into the two categories of bad people who are going to hell, and Christians.)

5. Christians are stubborn and stupid. Christians think (in spite of everything that science tells us) that the Universe is only about 10,000 years old, and that Dinosaurs never actually roamed the earth. Either that, or they think that Dinosaurs walked around with people and during the flood their bones were the first to settle because they were heaviest.

6. Christians worry about stupid things that don't bother anyone else, and assume that other people care about their petty fights. Is it sinful to baptize a baby? Should we sprinkle a baby when we baptize him or her? If you were sprinkled during your baptism were you really baptized? Christians shouldn't drink. Christians should only vote for republicans. Women shouldn't be ministers in a church. Electric guitars are not appropriate for worship. Christians should hate homosexuals. There is no such thing as evolution. It should say "In God we trust." on our money. Mary was sinless. People who don't speak in tongues are not Christians.

7. Christians hate people groups that disagree with them. Christians do not want homosexuals to be legally married in the United States because they think homosexuality is wrong. Rather than prohibiting homosexual marriages in the Church, they want to prohibit homosexual marriage all together. They claim that this is out of fear that homosexual marraige will undermine the sanctity of marriage. Meanwhile, some Christians refuse to grant divorces to abused women, and over half of all the other Christians get divorced in under ten years.

8. Christians are more concerned about numbers than they are about Jesus. Christian churches are becoming huge complexes where the sole goal is to bring more people in the door. Christians say that this is motivated out of a desire to bring more people to Christ, but rather than giving money raised from increased attendants to charities and missionaries, most churches use these funds to buy sound systems, high quality cameras and for increasing the salary of the head pastor.

9. Christians take themselves too seriously. Christians live in constant fear of sin. When they are not afraid of sinning, they are committing sins. After they commit sins, they spend an unbelievable amount of time feeling guilty for their sins. This process develops Christians into self-absorbed people who focus more on what they are not doing than on what they are doing. As a result, they are afraid to do things that the rest of the world finds enjoyable. Such as, going to a bar, watching an R rated movie, or smoking a cigarette.

10. Christians have no sense of humor about their own religion. If you tell a Christian about the things that seem strange about their religion, or about the practice of their religion, they will respond in either anger or disassociation. Either they will begin a long argument about why God loves them more, or they will tell you that they are not like most other Christians.


Maria's Biggest Fan said...

Here's a brand new reason!

Joshua said...

Just for posterity's sake the article JR posted is here:

"Parishioners fed up with a string of burglaries at their West Palm Beach church took matters into their own hands by capturing and hog-tying a man who climbed in through a window early this morning.

Armed with baseball bats, members of the Church of Nazarene at 5312 Broadway spent the night in the building to guard it.

At about 1 this morning, a man broke in. Church members were waiting for him inside. They beat him with their bats and tied him up with tape.

Police identified the burglary suspect as Ralph Thomas.

Thomas was treated at a local hospital and charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools.

An accomplice got away, police said."

More alarming to me than the story are the results of the survey.

"Did the church members do the right thing?

Yes, it was their right to defend their church. 84.91% 2003

No, they should have let authorities handle it. 12.80% 302

I'm not sure. 2.29% 54"

From the Palm Beach Post

Tim said...

Good list...but well short of why people hate Christians. : )

Btw, though I now live in London, I was actually born in Wheeling, WV. A fact that I've worked very hard to keep hidden. : )

Levi said...

I don't know your background story or anything about you, but I want you to know that most Christians do not believe or act like you described in this article. I am a Christian, a Lutheran, actually, a part of the ELCA. I'll quickly talk through the 10 Reasons you laid out in your article.
1. In my church, we are no more judgmental than any other human being. We accept and respect other people's faiths and beliefs. We welcome addicts, gays, transgenders, and any other type of person that you could think of.
2. The people in my church are forgiving, and we believe God forgives everyone, non-Christians and Christians alike.
3. I know I sin. My church knows they sin. We know that we're 100% sinner, but at the same time we are 100% saint. People have the capacity to hurt, hate, and judge, but also have the capacity to love, help, and accept. And if someone offends my religion, I would not be angry with that person nor think that they were disrespecting God.
4. Lutherans are accepting of all faiths and beliefs, and we don't believe that non-Christians are going to hell.
5. This is a tough one, but it's just a matter of looking at the facts, or having faith. I know it sounds crazy, but I somehow believe in both.
6. Baptism in my church can happen anytime in a person's life, and a person doesn't need to be baptized to be accepted. Drinking: most people do, its not like against anything in my church. I am a Democrat, I have a female Head Pastor, I know of Christian churches that have a worship team with drums and guitars leading the songs, we accept homosexuals, it doesn't matter to me what it says on our money, everyone sins, and I can't/don't speak in tongues.
7. We accept homosexuals, and I have never heard about the divorce for abused women, but I think they should be able to get a divorce.
8. It's great if we have visitors and new members at our church, but that's not what we focus on. Yes, some money is used toward the church itself, but a large portion of it is given to different organizations and charities every week.
9. Yes, we're supposed to "fear" sin, but we know we all sin, and we accept it and ask for forgiveness(and asking for forgiveness doesn't just have to be at communion), we are only as self-absorbed as any other person in the world, and I think pretty much everyone at my church has gone to a bar or watched an R-rated movie, and some have smoked.
10. If someone mentions to me that they think something in my religion is strange, I'll probably think about it and wonder about it, too, maybe even chuckle about it, but I would not lash out or be angry with that person. And I would NEVER tell someone that God loves me more, because that's not true.

I apologize if this comment makes anyone angry with me, but I just wanted to kindly let you know that most Christians aren't like what you described.


P.S: You might be interested in knowing..... I'm a Democrat, I support gay marriage, I'm Pro-Choice, and I am a 15 year old guy in high school.

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness.. you are so confused.. those are people.. they are not CHRIST. I hope you don't hate CHRIST.. due to the people.. ? The Lord says to love each other.. if you see an impatient Christian honking and cursing.. it is because they are human and they will NEVER be like CHRIST and that is even written.. so stop hating people so much.. raising them up on pedistles.. that is the same with pastors too.. I am CHRISTIAN.. I loos it with my kids.. at times.. I can get angry.. and but the only difference is.. between me and a non believer is that when and if I do do something wrong.. I know it is wrong.. and I know there is a price to pay for that.. just as those people you saw loosing it.. really seemed to disappoint you and you would NEVER allow somebody like that to teach you about CHRIST? RIGHT? God is GOd and we are people.. and no matter how much ou see somebody go to church .. read their bible.. it is going to remain that way. you learn about CHRIST by reading your bible and there you will learn about OTHER People adn ll of our weaknesses and WHY he came for us too. Your having issues about being told things about yourself by CHRISTIANS.. that is just due to your own SIN.. honey.. you just dont want to hear it. And that is the truth and you are very disillusioned that thinking that b eing a CHRISTIAN means that suddenly you are perfect. That is far from it. Brother. A Christian believes that CHrist died for us.. he has a better way to live than how we have chosen and he strengthens us where we are weak .. all of the time. He teaches us forgiveness because do so many things wrong intentionally and unintentionally to others.. that we would not be able to live here without it.. he has standards for living a MARK to reach.. but the bible says that ALL come short of him. So Christians are not little semi Gods.. and once you get that out of our mind.. I think you will get your mind off the people.. and your mind on HIM.. and your own life.. according to him. Where it should be.

Joshua said...

Just so there isn't any confusion... I'm a Christian. I have a masters degree in Old Testament studies and read and translate the Bible. All caveats aside, I stand by my assessment... There are enough Christians out there more concerned about what they identify as sinful behavior, and no where near enough who are concerned with just straight up loving people. I mean hanging out with hookers and people who take advantage of the poor... Talking to those people... Loving them... You know... Like Jesus did. Christians today have bought into some pious lie that holding people accountable for bad behavior IS loving. It's not. Telling someone that they are bad, that they need to get right with God, that they are incapable of understanding you because they are jaded or sinful... That's not loving. It's judgmental... And that's my number one reason why people hate Christians. I want to point these things out so that we as a Church can admit that we have done a shit job of loving people. Maybe then we can start loving more people... And maybe then... They will know we are Christians by our love.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian and we don't do that. We might sin sometimes but that because we are homosapiens sapiens and also where does it say that the universe is 10,000 years old?

Anonymous said...

Listening to people on here respond as a Christian makes me hate Christians even more - I personally wish they would shut up. I don't care what Jesus says or you say. Just shut up.

Ethan said...

See people need to know the difference of a Christian and some one who has a relationship with Christ. People misuse the word Christian, so good for you Josh. I totally agree. So to all the people out there, who thinks this is Rubbish, open your eyes. Cause your blind if you cant see this. I AM A JESUS FOLLOWER

Deeper Than The Surface said...

I believe he is talking about adults not teenagers or kids. Younger people seem to be less strict and frankly, if it doesnt involve them they dont give a crap. They let it go. The majority of the Cristian teens that are uninfluenced by their parents are pro-choice, support LGBT community, and are democrats. At least the ones I have met. Dont take offence to this. In fact you should use it as advice how not to act. Make sure others around you dont act like this. Christians are generally nice, but there are a few that give off the wrong image. I see your point anyway though. Well, have a nice life everyone

Anonymous said...

Have a read of the novel "Juniper Green" by author Good Friday on Kindle. A great account of hypocritical Christians...and I believe there is a sequel planned!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me. Read "A Discourse Against Christians" and you will see the very beginnings of this religion. Ever wonder why they(Christians)want the young, poor and uneducated? So they can fill their minds with their nonsense to the point that they can't think for themselves and instead rail against anyone who doesn't believe as they do. They are haters. They excommunicate pastors/preachers/priests who support gay marriage or perform services in support of. I see posts on FB by people I know and have known for years the aging...joined a church and (just as I suspected) forgot their own trials and errors as a young person and rally against all THEY feel should be punished by God. Really? You want a God that punishes huh? I don't know about anyone else but I am not about to join or approve of any organization that worships a dominating, punishing, unforgiving God. They take it so far that they even believe that such God will favor a football/baseball/soccer/hockey game. Absolutely absurd! What do they tell christians who favor teams other than there own is what I want to know. How do they argue that? Probably with the answer all christians give in the face of controversy where spout their nonsensical words of faith and if that answers the questions. I could point out inaccuracies in Bible but that would be a much longer post and more breath than I want to spend on such a judgmental overbearing cult.

Anonymous said...

I love your article. I am a Christian, and I find your assessment to be very accurate of many Christians, including myself at times. I am entertained by the number of comments on this article from Christians who want to defend their own experience. Keep writing! I find it very hard to "fit in" in Christian circles because I get tired of Christian "culture", but it encouraging to know there are others out there

Innosaint Nwoke said...

You are just listing how some people who go to church behave and their bad attitudes not what the bible says. If u want to condemn the religion, first condemn the bible. Or do U think everybody who goes to church live according to the laws of the bible?

Anonymous said...

Here are some less obvious points, and they are from my point of view. YMMV.

REFORM SCHOOL MENTALITY. Goethe was wrong when he said that Christians want to transform the world into a giant nursing home. Reform school is more like it. Xtians, especially the more conservative and militant ones, want to run everything like a reform school. (In this way, they are very similar to the communists they supposedly despise. What is a gulag other than a reform school for adults?) To Xtians, other people are nothing more than Bad Kids (TM) that need imprisonment, deprivation, and of course degrading and humiliating pseudo-military discipline. This is more than just the usual fascistic forced infantilization. Even in a regular prison, the inmates are treated like adults. Not so in the Religious Right's New World Order.

ANTI-HAPPINESS. Who do these Victorian Nazis think they are?

ANTI-HUMANISM / SELF-HATE. It is literally a sin to be a human being, or to look after one's own needs. That is the root of the famous Xtian hypocrisy. It is not possible for an ordinary, non-saintly human being to follow all the rules and regulations, and remain alive and healthy. Buddhism understand the nature of humanity and suffering. Why can`t Xtianity?

NEUROCONFORMITY. Xtians, despite their hypocritical smiley-faced championing of people with disabilities, really hate those with different neurology. Those with ADHD, autism, aspergers, and high-IQ are persecuted, and treated as worse than criminals. "Devil children" and of course "devil adults". And of course the crusades against lepers, "madmen", beatniks, artists, scientists, etc.

It is even possible that the well-known hatred of Xtians for GLBTs stems not from any perceived sexual deviancy, but neurological deviancy.

MATERIALISM. This is the root of the Xtian hatred of anything spiritual, or as they call it, "occult" and "satanic". It ties in with neuroconformity. All sorts of altered states of consciousness are considered sinful and potential Satanic gateways - magic, hypnosis, entheogenic drugs. Some Protestants even go so far as to attack Catholic forms of prayer and meditation!

The Age of Prophets and Miracles is dead. God is no longer God but a big military dictator in the sky. Generalissimo YHVH and Drill Sergeant Jesus.

WAR MENTALITY. Xtianity is constantly at war with someone, and on the lookup for enemies. It needs enemies, whether rational (commies) or irrational (witches and Satanists). Yet Xtianity is hypocritical about it - wanting its subjects to be the Ultimate Passive-Aggressive Warriors. (i.e. terrorists). At least Islam is honest with its war-mongering. Xtianity is not.

Consider also that some Xtians consider it wrong for individuals to strike back (in SELF-defense) against bullies, rapists, and thugs - but at the same time dump thousands of tons of bombs on innocent strangers in foreign countries, in the name of "national defense".

MISANDRY. Xtianity, despite its patriarchical veneer, is highly anti-male, and restrictive of male sexuality. Carrie Nation, Mary Whitehouse, Anita Bryant, Tipper Gore - all fascistic moralizing man-haters. Again, men are supposed to be not even soldiers, but expendable robots/zombies/monsters in the Eternal War against the Other.

ALCOHOLISM. To be fair, there are many Xtians (esp. certain churches and cults) that treat alcohol as the harmful drug that it is. BUT ... Alcohol fires up the crusader robot/Dalek/zombie mentality. That is why it is so useful to Xtianity in a way that marijuana is not. So guess which is illegal, and why.

OBSOLESCENCE and IRRELEVANCE. Yes. Its end purpose was to drive the Romans out of Israel/Judea. That was Xtianity's original Great Enemy. And ironically, it was the Muslims under Muhammed who routed the Xtianized Romans from the Holy Land!

Anonymous said...


1. Christians are judgmental.
Generalization. Christianity is not judgmental. Christians like any human can be.

2. Christians are unforgiving.
Generalization. Christianity teaches Christians to forgive. How is it you've only meant Christians that are contrary to what the bible teaches?

3. Christians are hypocritical.
Sigh. Generalization. Christians are human too. Just a work in progress.

4. Christians assume that you are going to Hell.
Christianity says that God will judge us. Christians aren't meant to do that.

5. Christians are stubborn and stupid.
It's all theories. Neither Christians nor scientists have hard empirical evidence. A lot circumstantial and theories though.

6. Christians worry about stupid things that don't bother anyone else, and assume that other people care about their petty fights.
Generalization again. Not true.

7. Christians hate people groups that disagree with them.
Christianity isn't political. But if a Christian gets into politics they have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. Christianity teaches to love not hate.

8. Christians are more concerned about numbers than they are about Jesus.
Some truth in this. But again, this does not reflect Biblical Christianity.

9. Christians take themselves too seriously.

10. Christians have no sense of humor about their own religion.
Religion? Sure. God and Jesus? No. God deserves all respect and honor and praise.

the logical christian said...

I fallow the Christian faith, and feel no offense from this little post. Frankly, I find it amusing. If this were a post against the Christian religion, it would be guilty of attacking the straw man in regards to focusing on Christian people as opposed to the actual faith, but its not. this post is a purely opinionated ramble generalizing the Christian community in the same sense that a racist groups black people with the "nigger" stereotype. As misguided as this post may be, it should be viewed as an individuals opinion, which they have every right to, and shrugged off as such. For those of you who would take this blog to heart as a factual generalization of Christian beliefs and excuses for fallowing the pied piper of the modern antichristian counter culture, Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Indigo Devil said...

8. Christians are more concerned about numbers than they are about Jesus.
Some truth in this. But again, this does not reflect Biblical Christianity.

Christianity was always about numbers, from day one. Hiding in the gutters of Rome, plotting to overthrow the government and replace "THEIR" Caesar with "OUR" own Caesar. Forcing their women to breed like rabbits, and attacking purely recreational sexuality? It's all numbers.

The Christians could have been a force for restoring the Roman Republic. They chose not to, even though many of their members were well versed in Roman history and politics.

Infiltration of other nations was always the Christian MO. Breed and proselytize, and use every dirty trick in the book to gain control. In modern times, promote democracy only when it suits them. (Kind of like the Islamists in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt...)

Anonymous said...

How many of you actually know anything about non-Christian world religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism? How many of you have met any followers of those religions? I would say none.

Anonymous said...

Dopey linear minded hateful people flock to Christianity like flies to cat poop. It's the Burger King of religions. Some posts actually discuss honking a car horn or yelling at ones kids as sin. It's like taking Jesus teachings and turning it into a bad musical comedy. The Church is just a train wreck now because they keep having to change on the fly to stay sort of relevant. Its a religion or stratus now that is for seriously twisted closeted gay and lesbian people who don't know they are gay. Pre gay. So all the discordant energies at play make for hateful erratic followers. They literally battle themselves in that their natural personas fight the slave mindset instilled in them. Jesus has very little to do with it. They are some of the craziest most self deluded village idiots I have ever witnessed. I honestly think that (without legal ramifications) if I shotgunned a few of them into oblivion Jesus would high five me at the Pearly Gates.
Jesus told me the other day, him and Pops had an executive meeting. They concluded that things have just turned and gotten way out of hand. Earth is a write off. Christians ARE latent twisted homos fighting their true nature. You heard it here first, years later you'll remember that I was way ahead of the curve. Honk if you are Christian and you like dildos.

Anonymous said...

The problem with all of you is that you're not drawing the line between different sects of christianity. I'm not trying to be offensive, but I will say that some of these comments about anti-gay relate MORE (not completely) to catholicism. I do believe that churches with all their money and everything is very wrong. You don't NEED fancy stained glass and shit to worship god. I guess I'm younger so again my opinion might be a bit different, but yes these are all extreme generalizations and overstatements.

Anonymous said...

Please don't compare Christians with Christ! We as Christian can never reflect GOD!!
Btw, i personally know female Pastors! Christianity is not a religion! It's a relationship with Lord!
Yes, we can me judgmental sometimes but we are not proud of it! We sin but we repent! We are forgiving!
And we ask for forgiveness if/ when we are misunderstood! Please remember Satan is the one who hates! He is the biggest liar!
God is good! God is love! JESUS was crucified in the name of love!
His head on the cross represents his devotion to father! The nails in his hands represent his love for his brothers and sisters and the nails on his feet represents his love for his enemies, if you ask me! His enemies are at his feet!
Those who judged him were deceived by Satan! But satan is defeated! There is no other conclusion!
Please read bible With open heart!
Have a personal relationship with God! He doesn't need a agent!

Anonymous said...

> I find it very hard to "fit in" in Christian circles because I get tired of Christian "culture", but it encouraging to know there are others out there

Me too. In my case, I found Jesus not through the usual channels, but through reading the Bible on my own. So I skipped most of the "Christian culture" baggage, and ignored what I grew up with, and what comes with most churches. I am not a member of any church, nor do I try to fit into Christian circles. Jesus never cared much for the baggage of his time, either. He was the original counter-culturalist.

> Xtians, especially the more conservative and militant ones
> the famous Xtian hypocrisy
> Xtians really hate those with different neurology

I see where you are coming from. I too had trouble with "Xtians", as you call them. Quite frankly, this sort of baggage is simply dysfunctional parenting passed on from one generation to the next, and dressed up as Christianity (or patriotism, or political correctness.) They call it the Silent Majority, or the Moral Majority, or the Religious Right.

I have studied many of the world religions as well as American counter-cultural ones such as New Age and Wicca. None of them were right for me. Yet I wish no ill on them. "In my house are many mansions", and it is very possible that the Lord would save a sincere Buddhist and damn a hypocritical 'Xtian.' But I am not God, and not the one to judge. I am also humble enough to know that I am just a mortal man doing his best to follow Jesus.

Jesus never said "Nuke Iraq" after all.

But not everyone keeps their religion and politics separate.

Anonymous said...

Haha I just reported you for religious abuse.

Anonymous said...

actualy we do beleive that dynosores romed the earth, you really need to get your facts straight. you probably think there is no diffrence between cathloc and christians

Anonymous said...

All I know is that christians have done far more damage to the world than to perform good in the last 2,000 years. The Crusades, The Inquisition, the genocide of the Native Americans in the U.S.A., the subjugation & slavery of the black man, the subjugation of women as a whole, the ongoing hatred for homosexuals...the list is completely endless! I hate christians because they hated first & they continue to do so! & they still fight for their hatred! They believe in negativity (we're born "in sin" & disobedient to "god") instead of positivity - doesn't that tell you everything? It's all a bunch of made-up garbage. Mankind is good, life is sacred, life is meant to enjoyed - not suffered through & apologized for. christians need to relax their buttholes a notch or two.

Anonymous said...

When I see the way the vast majority of "christians" behave nowadays, it makes me think of Jesus, sitting there with his head hanging down, tears streaming down his cheeks, saying, ", this is not what I meant at at all."

Anonymous said...

Onward Christian Daleks! Exterminate, Exterminate, for Jesus!

Anonymous said...

In your first rebuff, you actually proved the authors point by listing homosexuals and transgendered people along with addicts... Why would you do that? Homosexuality is not an addiction. Its not a behavior. That grouping itself presented lgbt in a negative light. Just throwing it out there...

Anonymous said...

The author specifically says Christians. Reading between lines is not advisable. Assumptions are made when we do this. Smh...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being honest and not defensive!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Joshua said...

For the record, I'm a Christian. I was a campus minister for three years, and have a Master's degree in Old Testament studies. That doesn't make me an expert, but since this post seems to be getting so much traction I figured I would point out that this is authored from the perspective of someone who has dedicated 30 plus years to digging deeper into my Christian faith.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian. Reading your article, I just want to say that I am sorry that this has been your experience with Christians. There is so much to Christianity than the things you mention in this post. so much more. I can definitely see the truth behind these views and perspectives, as I have observed some of these things myself, but I think it is important to remember that being a Christian does not equate to perfection. I will be the first to admit that I am sinful, I am broken and I have yet to live a single day without falling to sin in some way or another. I normally don't post comments on blogs, because I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I will not hold someone to the Bible if they don't believe it, thats just not fair. But Christianity is more than following a bunch of rules and regulations. Christianity is truly about having a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is about recognizing our sin in all of these areas you mention and more, and turning to Jesus' sacrifice on the cross because we see that we are incapable of overcoming our sin in our own power. I think that the American church has strayed from the Bible, the Gospel, and Jesus' teachings, but inevitably that is a consequence of living in a fallen and sinful world.
I am not trying to refute anything that you said or tell you that your perspective or opinion are invalid. Your experience is your experience and I would never deny you the right to express your thoughts and opinions based off your experience. My experience has just been entirely different and I wanted to briefly share my own thoughts after reading your article.

Anonymous said...

The "christians" described in this article, don't sound at all like true followers of Christ. They sound more like the scribes and pharisees that were often criticized in the bible. Not everyone who says Lord Lord really follows Christ. It's a shame that so many people claim to be like Christ but never truly represent him. When Christ returns he will come for those who are truly like him. People who really follow him show love, compassion and hope. Sin ultimately harms us which is why it should be avoided. I love being a true Christian. I live my life showing love, I lift others up and I'm happy. I don't have to worry because he cares for his people in good times and bad. He even loves those who don't love him. He gives me hope. I don't know how people live without hope and peace.

Angelee Collins said...

I just want to say that this article made me cry. I have no problem with gay marrage and I accept you so why can't you accept me. You think gay marriage is right and do not want hate well I think being a Christian is right and I do not want hate so why can't you do what I want too?