Thursday, April 06, 2006

Top 10 Reasons people love Christ

So, the last post was a bit pessimistic, I agree. And, it may come across making me look a bit disillusioned. And I agree again. Maybe I am a bit disillusioned. But my true point is to be made here. Yesterday I listed my top 10 reasons why people hate Christians, and now I'll list the top ten reasons why people love Christ. Ready? (I assume you might already have guessed what they might be. If so, check out the references.)

1. Christ was not judgemental. John 8:3-11.

2. Christ was forgiving. Luke 23:33-34.

3. Christ was not hypocritical. John 18:20-23.

4. Christ did not assume that everyone was going to Hell. Mark 12:28-34.

5. Christ was neither stubborn nor stupid. Luke 22:42 Matthew 7:28

6. Christ did not worry about stupid things that don't bother anyone else, nor did he assume that other people cared about such petty fights. Matthew 12:9-12

7. Christ did not hate people that disagreed with him. Matthew 5:43-44

8. Christ did not care about numbers. Matthew 7:14

9. Christ did not take himself too seriously. John 3:13-15

10. Christ had a sense of humor about his own religion. Matthew 5:1-7:28. (I'll admit, it might be a stretch to claim that The Sermon on the Mount was a demonstration of Christ's sense of humor about his own religion. But it did show that Christ knew there were changes that needed to be made to the heart of Judaism. For the closest thing to proof that this demonstrated a sense of humor, pay attention to the last sentence.)

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