Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VP Gimmick

McCain just proved just how badly he doesn't get it. He thought Hillary had a large base of support simply because she was a woman, so he picked a woman for VP. He could have picked any one, he had at least a dozen other women that would have made a better VP pick if he was set on choosing a woman. But out of pure and simple bigotry, he thought he would win Hillary's supporters by choosing a woman. Any woman at all. Enter Governor Palin. And America said together, "Who!?"

So, John McCain picked someone with zero national experience, zero foreign policy or military experience, who governs a state "with more reindeer than people" to elevate the second most important role in America. Not only did he fail to grasp why Hillary got support, he boldly insulted the intelligence of those supporters, and effictively trashed the only weapon he has against Obama, experience.

I'm very glad to say that I think today will go down in history as the day McCain lost the election.

Obama/Biden '08.


RyAn K said...

John McCain just doesn't get it?

I'll write what I posted on Carrie's Blog...

Lack of experience?

Sarah Palin, oddly enough, has more EXECUTIVE political experience than the Democratic PRESIDENTIAL nominee himself. She has been in politics for 4 more years than Barack Obama. So what if it was the mayor of a small town. America is made of small towns isn't it? She is exactly what Obama has claimed to be this entire campaign....a Washington outsider who has actually been a part of REFORM.

What does Barack Obama a Senator/legislator do Carrie? He gives big colorful speeches and signs his name to a few things to promote his agenda. A governor, with "ONLY" 2 years of experience, actually fits the name. They govern. They balance budgets, they are commander and chief of their states military (Alaska actually has some of the best trained battalions in the military), they uses veto power, they have the power to raise and lower taxes (she did the latter), improves public safety and transportation, and calls the shots when it comes to the toughest decisions a state has to make. And Barack Obama has done what?

His speech last night wasn't great. He seemed angry and timid. He lacked the inspiration he has had this entire campaign. Somewhere between Pennsylvania and Kentucky he lost the title "Candidate of Change." What we are seeing from Obama is a politicician who is finally realizing...hey, I might not win this thing. After all this DNC whoopla, John McCain and Obama are still dead even, and in some poles...Obama is even behind. That is troubling, because people realize his record and experience is troubling. The last people demeaning Palin's experience should be Obama supporters.

Palin is a Christian who is Pro-life and against same-sex marriage. She is for drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge and has promoted legislation that would rid us of our dependence on oil (her decisions have shown great strides towards alternative fuels in one of the most oil rich sections of the States), she actually TAXED the oil companies profits. She has signed legislation to bring natural gas to the forefront, she gave Alaskans a 1,200 tax credit to fit rising gas prices, she has (in 20 months) reduced the state deficit drastically, she's a working mom of 5 (one of them which has Downs), and she has continually supported the War on Terror by providing troop support and training for countries abroad. She has gotten rid of over 200 million dollars worth of pork barrell spending and wasteful earmarks (Something Obama is on the + side of), she has championed for an ethics reform bill, and last but not least...she actually has gone AGAINST her own party to get stuff done. Barack Obama's CAREER PARTY LINE VOTE RECORD IS 96% compared to McCain's mid-80's percent (don't believe the Obama ad stating 95%...that was in 2002 alone).

I just don't see the logic in your argument. The facts are obvioulsy stated and and her own record, like Obama's, is highly researchable.

I guess people just get caught up in words.

Anonymous said...

I like chicken. Oooh, especially chicken on the grill that has been marinating in a yummy homemade rub.

I dislike the fact that my brother is in Iraq fighting for oil. Even though it may be a good thing that we are drilling in Anwar, doesn't negate the fact that our climate is changing. It also doesn't negate the fact that we are addicted to energy, prodominently fossil fuels, in general. Too bad for my chicken, I am going to have to Hope for Change. Hope that some of the brains in the engineering field will figure out our energy issue. Hope that the oil companies will get out of politician's pockets.

I watched a special on PBS last night about the 1968 election. I feel like our nation has come full circle. Let's hope that the same shit doesn't happen this time around.


Joshua said...

Ryan, as I stated on your blog, I really do not want to continue debating politics with you. Please respect this wish of mine when leaving comments on my blog. I have asked to stop our political debates, and will not respond to your comments. And I ask that you refrain from engaging a one sided discussion with me. I have read your blog, I understand your position. We disagree.

Babs. I used to like chicken. And I'm sad that Teabag is fighting for Oil as well. I'm also sad that the Republican party is touting the Drill here Drill now gimmick telling common Americans that it will reduce the cost of oil. I have already composed a long post on why this is untrue, if you're curious you can check it out.

Now, I like Tofu. How's that for change we can believe in?

RyAn K said...

You can delete my comments or ignore them. I don't ask for a response. Both sides of a story need to be told. If we lose that, we lose everything.

Fighting for oil huh? Wow. I guess there is no point in discussion is there :(

RyAn K said...

I wanted to come back and comment on the comment "fighting for oil" because it is wrong on SOOO many levels. Especially then to have two people agreeing on that theory.

Is this what it has come to in this country? Where freedom of speech allows us to spin a demean the liberation of an entire country. Where we have talked ourselves into a sickening myth that we are fighting for oil?

My wife's cousin is a Marine in Afghanistan. There hasn't been one day where they haven't been shot at by the Taliban and hasn't seen the literal Hell they have brought to the opium farmers. His best friend was killed by a suicide bomber that was a disabled child. That is evil. That is not oil. An interesting side note; when Obama came to Afghanistan and met with the troops, he met with some of Meg's cousins battalion who were back at base. Not one of them...not one...would shake the hand of Barack Obama. Probably heard that story in the news right?

We are fighting a war that goes beyond Iraq. It flows into Pakistan and Iran and Syria and Afghanistan and Russia. We have lost over 5,000 men...not because of oil...but because of the fight for security in an unstable region. Regions that want the likes of the West to be wiped off the map. Regions that believe they are the accelerators of the End of Times.

But, if you want to think that we are fighting for oil...I'm sorry for your thoughts

Allie said...

Josh-thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate them.


Joshua said...

Thanks Allie! Good to see you on the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh,

I haven't stopped by in awhile, but Erik reads frequently and told me I should read this entry. Let's just say, I totally agree with you and leave it at that.

BTW, who is this Ryan K guy. Do you know him? He needs to get a clue.

Say hi to the wifey and cute little Norah for me. Wish we could see you more often!


Joshua said...

Laura! Hi! Good to see you on the blog. I know Ryan K only through the blogosphere. He's a committed Christian Republican with views that are often very different from mine. We have frequently debated online, and just recently agreed to disagree on the issues. I'm sure readers of his blog would say "Who's this Joshua Elek guy, he needs to get a clue."

Anyway, good to hear from you. We were so glad we got to see you guys when you were here in Chicago, and we're excited for you guys as you prepare for #2.


Anonymous said...


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