Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fat Bellied Buddha Plant Update

So there have been some interesting developments in the life of my fat bellied buddha plant lately!

Here goes:

April 24 (am)

April 25th (am)

April 26th (am)

April 26th (pm)

April 27th (am)

April 28th (am)

April 28th (midday)

April 29th (am)

April 29th (pm)

April 30 (am)

May 1 (am)

May 1 (pm)

May 2 (am)

May 2 (pm)

May 3 (am)

Isn't that neat?! It certainly doesn't look like a worm any more. I was so surprised on the 2nd when it just burst out of the little casing into two great big leaves. I really enjoyed germinating the seed, and I'm going to pland a couple more. I just hope the coffee seeds will sprout eventually. (I'm somewhat skeptical though, I hear it takes up to six months to get them to grow.)

Oh... and another exciting thing! My Mom and Dad are blogging now too!!!! What fun!!!!


Mom Elek said...

When I read Elek Holler blog I laughed till I cried. Only a few details were slightly off, but in general, you gave a fairly accurate accounting of our lives.

Except, Dad LEAVES at 5:15, and I routinely get to work early nowadays.

Dad did not get a nap today. Instead he pulled all the windows and siding off the east wall of the porch. He then framed it for new windows and installed sheathing. Then he cooked dinner.

I handed Dad tools, picked up scrap aluminum, and installed the moisture barrier layer to the sheathing. I then ran around spreading my own joy in the form of poison- laced peanut butter which I carefully put into the mouse hole under the porch. After dinner I tidied the house, did laundry, cleaned poop out of Gizmo's crate, and gave her a bath.

You were quite accurate in the fact we DID pass out the requisite number of dog bisquits. Gizmo has her very own box. They are about 3/4 inch long, and it takes her five minutes to eat one.

Joshua said...

Awwww... Ghyszmeauox... I want to see her.

You know what you should do? You should update your new blog with that info...

Dean said...

I had no idea that Josh was "winsome". You learn something new every day.