Sunday, May 14, 2006

Best of Me Things

First, Happy mother's day. I can't call you because my phone is dead, so I have to say it here. Sorry. Happy Mother's day Mom!!!

Moving on...

Well, this is officially my one hundredth post. Rather than trying to come up with something amazing to say for my Centennial post, I figured I would just give you what I consider the best of Me Things. The following entries are what I think were the best things I've written on here in the past two years. Some of them are long, some are short. Some are rants, some are stories, some are neither. They are listed here in chronological order.

Go ahead and take your time.

Virgin Post
The Coolest thing I've ever done
The Early Dogwood
La la la
Septic Systems are Racist
Broken Finger
New Orleans
Free Air


Anonymous said...

I like the one about us getting engaged!


Joshua said...

I think my absolute favorite post is the Old Dogwood Poem.

jennifer said...

Hi Joshua,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I noticed in your profile that you are in WV. Are you near Spencer or Calhoun County? I used to visit there...beautiful country, especially in the Fall.

Congrats on your engagement!


Joshua said...

I'm actually from Ohio County, I don't know where it is in relation to Spencer or Calhoun counties. It is an hour from Pittsburgh, where my Fiance lives, an hour and forty-five minutes from Canton, where my friends live, and three hours from Cleveland, where my family lives. That's pretty much all I know.

Joshua said...

Guys, I'm not taking the word verification off because my blog will be flooded with spam if I do. I'm sorry you don't like it. Please don't do the whole inappropriate viagra posts again.



Joshua said...

That's not funny. If it continues I will have to change the settings so that only members of the blog can post comments. Please do not make me do that. I enjoy the comments and don't want to have to spend time deleting posts about viagra Jeremy.

By the way. With statcounter, I can track the IP address of people on my site. Your anonymous post is not anonymous to me. Please, get a hint. Quit it.