Monday, May 08, 2006

Two early morning puzzles:

Okay, so I woke up early this morning, and couldn't sleep. I sat awake in bed for two hours during which I thought of two more fun little codes for Jeremy to break. I think these are a little more difficult, but who knows (it was five o'clock in the morning when I thought them up) Maybe he'll get these right away. Anyway, here's two stumpers(?) for ya Jer:

Code One:
Wdto to lyp0 ayq Syyp vyqctcs.

Code Two:

I wish I could say I did something better than that with the two extra hours I had this morning, but I didn't. Instead, I poured them into this vacuous hole I call blogging.


Tim 2 said...

I think Jeremy forgot about the internet. He seems to go in know...

Joshua said...

I know... I'm hoping this is the carrot at the end of the Internet stick.

Why are these friggin word verifications so hard all the time? "Enter psqpqdbd0 to proceed..."

Joshua said...

Here are some clues for you Jeremy,

Puzzle one: My favorite card in Monopoly told you to move back three spaces.

Puzzle two: How do the Jews read?