Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fun w/ PC (I hate you Microsoft Pt. 2)

After fighting with my phone and saying the "F" word to myself a hundred times, I finally resigned myself to making some stuffed pork chops for dinner. When all was over, Rachel went onto Blogger and started typing an entry into her blog for the first time ever. She used the Mac, so I had to try to have a little fun on the PC.

Luckily, Bill Gates has been generous enough to throw a super fun program into every single Windows machine he's ever made. (No, I'm not talking about Pin-ball... though that's sweet.) I'm talking about "PAINT" Ohhhh....

So, I had as much fun as I could on a PC. Heres what I made.

It's raining on me and the sun is calling me names. MAN! I love Microsoft! It's just soooo coool!!!!!!

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